Guess what!? There’s something new and shiny on the Citrix Synergy expo floor this year…

It’s the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (#WVD) booth!

Of course Microsoft is a sponsor as usual. But this year the product group for WVD is coming in as a Silver sponsor, as well.

Wait! What? A product is a sponsor as well as their parent corp?

Is this like Iron Man creating a super suit for Spider-Man? That’s not for me to say.

In addition to Microsoft’s usual strong presence, the Windows Virtual Desktop booth will be dedicated to introducing, fielding questions about, and showcasing how Citrix is extending WVD. Remember, Microsoft announced the public preview of WVD back on March 21. Come check it out in-person at booth #416.

We aren’t the only ones who think the partnership is great. Here’s what Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP at Microsoft, has to say about the partnership and our joint solutions! And yes, I did just drop her name like I was trying to get into an exclusive club.

(Read this next bit in your best Ron Popeil voice.) But wait there’s more! And I think I know what you’re thinking … “What else is Microsoft doing at Citrix Synergy this year?”

Great question.

We’re, of course, excited that Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365, is back on the stage to participate in the keynote with PJ Hough. Brad is always a fan favorite, and that’s why we’re so excited for this year’s reunion with PJ — just about as excited as I was when Iron Man and Spiderman got back together.  

Citrix and Windows Virtual Desktop are a big deal, but there are a ton of, or should I say 3,000 (Iron Man … yep … right in the feels) other joint solutions you can learn about at Synergy. From SD-WAN for Office 365 to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for Skype for Business/Microsoft Teams. We have it all.

I’ll pause here to let you catch up with your emotions.

To make your life a little easier, I have scoured the session catalog and here are my recommendations for the Top 5, absolute must-see sessions and events on my calendar for Synergy this year!

  1. KEY001: Opening Keynote
  2. SYN111: Desktops-as-a-Service with Citrix
  3. SYN139: Citrix and Microsoft: A value-add across your workspace
  4. SYN212: Windows Virtual Desktop and Citrix: New opportunities for desktop and app virtualization
  5. SYN403: Integrating Microsoft Security events with Citrix Analytics

There are many, many more sessions, so take a look at the catalog.

Whether you’re new to Citrix Synergy or a longtime veteran, this year’s event has something that will knock you back to the quantum realm.

But wait! There’s more…

Watch my personal hero and life coach SeanDo on the Go and Thor (Infinity War not Endgame, wink wink) discuss how Citrix is modernizing legacy infrastructure:

Find out more about how Citrix extends the value of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop here and here.

And there’s still time to register for Citrix Synergy 2019. I hope to see you there.