It seems like every article you read today talks about digital transformation. It is hard to know where the future of technology definitively begins. However, there is future-proofed technology at your fingertips.

At Citrix Synergy 2019, we will examine how to manage an increasing number of delivery challenges as well as how to enable business growth and employee engagement while delivering and protecting company assets.

Experience-driven application delivery is a critical component of digital transformation, but it requires a modern infrastructure strategy. In fact, beyond a reliable network, it needs technology that can deliver the balance of choice and experience. There exist three technologies that encompass the solution that you need. The use cases include:

  • Hybrid-cloud application delivery — Resources are moving to either public or private cloud infrastructures, but many organizations still maintain their own data center. A solution that solves for physical appliance, virtual appliance, and bare metal is essential.
  • Cloud-native networking — Development methodology is also transitioning for the agility required for modern applications. Container technologies such as Kubernetes are key for this new environment. To be enterprise-ready, a solution that manages ingress into the container farm and between containers is a fundamental requirement.
  • Elimination of the Internet blind spot — Application delivery is composed of two sides: from the users to the point of presence and from the point of presence to the application server. The application delivery controller knows the right server, but you need a solution that removes the blind spot to deliver each user to the best performing location.
  • Reliable remote site delivery — Whether delivering a workspace or optimizing performance for any remote site to the cloud or data center, a solution that provides the performance, choice, and security is fundamental.
  • Contextual access — Access to resources is key to delivering transformation within an organization. A solution that balances the user experience and security is required, one that considers the security and context of the user, device, location, network, and application.

Join us in Atlanta for this walk through the digital transformation of networking. We’ll have breakout sessions that cover hybrid and multi-cloud, modern cloud-native networking, reliable performance in remote locations, reducing the internet effect on app delivery, and providing balanced access. There’s still time to register!

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