Last April, Google announced that it had deprecated Google Cloud Messaging (GCM). Last week they provided an update, announcing that they will remove APIs as early as May 29.

GCM provides users with push notifications for MDM policy updates. Currently, when an IT administrator makes an Android policy update in Citrix Endpoint Management (CEM) service, GCM sends the data from the CEM service to the user’s Android device. This is a key piece of endpoint management because it enables communication with Android devices.

For example, if an administrator adds a new policy for Android devices, they would create or update the policy within the CEM service. In turn, the service would notify GCM to prompt the user device to reconnect to CEM service, deploying the new policy to managed Android devices. What if an administrator needed to request a remote wipe? They could go through the CEM service, signaling to GCM, which would then trigger the device to reconnect and enable the remote wipe.

With the removal of GCM APIs, Citrix encourages customers to enable Firebase Cloud Messaging service (FCM) before May 29 for uninterrupted MDM policy check-ins on Android devices. FCM is Google’s recommended replacement solution to communicate with Android devices and allow for near real-time communications.

When CEM is configured for FCM, administrators can define policies through the Citrix Endpoint Management service, and FCM initiates connections to Android devices. These policies will trigger push notifications to prompt the user to reconnect to CEM service.

Customers should enable FCM before May 29 for uninterrupted MDM policy updates to Android devices. For more information on how to enable FCM click here.

Are You an On-Premises Customer?

Now available, XenMobile Server 10.10 supports Firebase Cloud Messaging. To download XMS Server 10.10 click here. Additional details and information on XMS 10.10 can be found here.