Whether you’re delivering traditional, three-tiered applications or modernizing your apps with microservices and Kubernetes, Citrix can help you deploy and deliver them more effectively across your hybrid cloud. We continue to enhance our application delivery controllers (ADC) with innovations to bridge the gap between traditional IT and DevOps.

Through increased integration of our ADCs with Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, service mesh with Istio architectures, and open source CNCF tools, Citrix is making it easier for customers to deploy and deliver their applications. Find out more at Google Cloud Next ’19.

Citrix ADC CPX and VPX in Google Cloud Marketplace

Look for Citrix ADC CPX (ADC in containerized form factor) and VPX (virtual ADC) soon in the Google Cloud Marketplace. They have been available through a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model. The addition to the Google Cloud Marketplace will give customers more choice and flexibility to accelerate their transition to Google Cloud Platform.

Customers with Citrix VPX and CPX in Google Cloud Platform will benefit from:

  • A comprehensive, software-centric feature set to deliver better application experience
  • Operational consistency for on-premises and in the cloud deployments.
  • Pooled-capacity licensing for flexibility to move capacity among ADCs in hybrid cloud and better utilization and savings.
  • Easy, single pane of glass management across public cloud and on-premises environments from Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM)

Meet the Experts at Google Cloud Next ’19

Visit us at the Citrix booth at #S1401 in Moscone South. We’ll showcase new technologies that can help our customers understand the value our networking portfolio can bring to their application delivery. In addition to meeting, the experts you’ll be able to:

  • Learn how to install Citrix ADC VPX in a Google Kubernetes environment in GCP for three-tiered or cloud-native applications
  • Deploy a Citrix ADC CPX in a Kubernetes cluster for North-South traffic and East-West traffic and load balance traffic for a microservices-based application
  • Experience how Citrix ADC CPX integrates open source tools like Prometheus and Spinnaker for visibility and optimized application delivery

As the great march continues to the cloud and microservices-based applications, Citrix stands beside our customers to accelerate and ease their transition. We look forward to seeing you at Google Cloud Next ’19.