Life is all about choices. For most of us, we can spend hours or days deliberating over a major decision, processing the pros and cons to ensure we make precisely the right choice. When it comes to cloud computing and digital workspaces, choice is the name of the game. The options are getting more limitless by the day, but Citrix can help.

As IT admins, we have to make choices between on-premises and cloud-hosted infrastructures; mobile, web, SaaS, and Windows apps; end-user device type, OS, form factor and even Bring-Your-Own-Device programs; and data storage locations. Choices are everywhere, and as IT admins, this is what makes our world so interesting! More options drive competition, thus driving innovation.

As we dive into 2019, we are going to see even more technological advancements brewing in the digital workspace and cloud computing arena, empowering us with more options. This is exactly why IT admins need flexibility across all vendors and solutions. Our users need one easy-to-use, centralized location to access all their business resources. This is exactly where Citrix Workspace shines.

Citrix Workspace gives us the best of both worlds. IT administrators get complete flexibility over the decision to have cloud, SaaS or on-prem business resources, while end users have a consistent, integrated location to access their business tools. As an IT admin, we can host a Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure, select a SaaS app for our human resources needs, store our corporate data in a combination of OneDrive for Business and local on-premises storage zones, and implement a Bring-Your-Own-Device program. However, our users only need to be trained once—everything they need is available to them within their Citrix Workspace, no matter how IT configures it. It’s that easy!

Citrix Synergy 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia on May 21–23, the topic of IT choice will take center stage. Citrix Workspace solutions have always been about empowering IT with the flexibility to embrace variations in IT solutions. Alongside our key technology partners, you will get the latest updates as you make choices regarding cloud services, hybrid cloud deployments, and more. Here are a few key sessions you don’t want to miss:

  • Get the latest updates from Citrix Workspace with Azure (SYN105), Windows Virtual Desktop (SYN212), Google (SYN107) and Amazon (SYN106).
  • Hybrid cloud is the first step in your cloud journey. Come to SYN209 to learn about apps and desktops in a hybrid cloud world and SYN224 to hear networking best practices for hybrid cloud.
  • Don’t miss our new Geek’s Guide to the Workspace Series that takes you through all the choices you have in delivering a digital workspace.

Citrix Synergy 2019 kicks off in just a few weeks; please register now. Hope you can join me and the rest of the Citrix Workspace team in Atlanta.

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