Citrix Cloud services brings Citrix solutions to a single management plane and is designed to reduce IT complexity and simplify solution delivery and management. It helps users to extend their existing on-premises software deployments or even move 100 percent to the cloud.

Citrix Cloud services can deploy digital workspaces within hours, moving your sensitive app, desktop, and data resources to any cloud or hybrid cloud. It brings together everything a business needs to get work done, including apps, desktops, and files across any cloud and data center, and provides secure access on all networks and devices. It also supports integration with technologies that vary from organization to organization.

Monitoring login performance is critical for Citrix solutions. A great user experience, free of slow logins, session disconnects, and frozen screens, is key to the success of any app or desktop initiative. That’s why eG Innovations provides a free login simulator for Citrix Workspace through their Citrix Ready-verified eG Enterprise solution.

Organizations strive to achieve an exceptional Citrix user experience and service quality. eG Enterprise can help you to proactively monitor all aspects of your Citrix user experience — login times, application-launch times, screen-refresh latencies, virtual channel bandwidth usage, and more. And it helps to identify underlying infrastructure tiers so you can determine where the root cause of a problem lies, whether it’s the network, the database, the app, Citrix, or storage.

Join us for an informational webinar on Thursday, February 21, to learn how eG Innovations and Citrix can provide you with optimal end-to-end performance management. You’ll learn how to:

  • Deliver a secure digital workspace and improve business productivity with a fully integrated digital workspace from any cloud or hybrid cloud
  • Ensure the success of new deployments and migration to Citrix Cloud with pre-built migration reports
  • Enable end-to-end monitoring of Citrix services across user experience, session performance, connectivity, licensing, infrastructure health, and capacity
  • Monitor Citrix services on physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures from a single pane of glass

Date: Thursday, February 21
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PST
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