I am looking forward to exciting times ahead, with the New Year bringing joy and with Citrix Summit 2019 just around the corner! Summit centers on educating our partners on the latest technologies to get the most out of their partnership with Citrix and to expand their business. With product updates, tech talks, hands-on lab sessions, sales training, and more, there is so much waiting for you at Summit.

We will also have a number of Citrix Ready partners at the show demonstrating their integration with Citrix technologies. eG Innovations, a longtime Citrix Ready partner, will be at booth #515 showcasing their state-of-the-art Citrix performance monitoring and analytics solutions.

Citrix technologies have evolved significantly over the years to deliver a richer and more immersive digital workspace experience. Newer use cases have also emerged. Along with these come greater expectations from users that have to be met. This is where performance monitoring comes in. eG Innovations’ eG Enterprise enables Citrix customers and partners to provide performance assurance and exceptional user experience.

What eG Innovations Offers for Citrix Customers and Partners

  • Monitoring of all aspects of the user experience: We all know user experience is critical for Citrix success. There are different elements of user experience, including login time, launch time, screen-refresh latency, and bandwidth available. eG Enterprise monitors and reports on all of these KPIs using a combination of both synthetic monitoring and real-user monitoring.
  • Single-pane-of-glass centralized visibility: When user experience is poor, you want to know why. There are times when slowness can be due to an increased workload to the Citrix servers. But often the cause of slowness is somewhere else. With eG Enterprise, you can see the health and performance of all the Citrix tiers and the supporting infrastructure in one console. When it isn’t a Citrix issue, you can know it and prove it with empirical insight.
  • Automated performance correlation: Monitoring is a big-data problem! To get total visibility into the Citrix infrastructure, you must review hundreds of thousands of metrics collected every few minutes. Analyzing these metrics and getting actionable analytics is very challenging. eG Enterprise embeds automatic data analysis, correlation and diagnosis technology that provides simple color-coded topology views, allowing Citrix administrators to isolate problem areas and expedite resolution.
  • Optimizing and right-sizing the Citrix environment: Analysis of empirical data and trends using machine learning provides insights that facilitate optimization, right-sizing, and capacity planning, enabling organizations to do more with their current infrastructure investments and to plan wisely for future expansion.

New! eG Innovations Citrix Partner Champion Program

At Summit 2019, eG Innovations will also unveil its new Citrix Partner Champion Program, which allows Citrix partners to:

  • Offer zero-cost monitoring and reporting of Citrix logon performance and application availability 24×7 for their customers, using a fully SaaS-based free Citrix logon simulator
  • Provide no-obligation performance assessments for their clients to audit the health of their Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments (see the VDI assessment page)
  • Deliver white-labelled 24×7 remote monitoring services with no upfront investment
  • Get exclusive access to lead sharing and co-marketing programs to help them expand their customer base

Purpose-Built Monitoring for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Enhancements

At booth #515, eG Innovations will also showcase the latest release of eG Enterprise, version 6.3.1, which provides purpose-built monitoring for the latest enhancements in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7. Capabilities on display will include monitoring of Citrix Cloud, HDX Adaptive Transport, Workspace Environment Management, session lingering and pre-launch, Linux VDAs, and more.

Check out this video to find out how eG Enterprise supports your upgrade to Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.

Learn more about eG Innovations at www.eginnovations.com/Citrix and contact info@eginnovations.com for queries.