As organizations upgrade to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7, there has been an increase in adoption of Citrix Cloud services. An industry survey by Citrix Ready Partner eG Innovations across 795 Citrix professionals revealed that 45 percent of Citrix customers are considering using Citrix Cloud services. Though adoption is in an early phase, there is a lot of interest in Citrix Cloud because of its simplicity.

Citrix Cloud simplifies management and maintenance of Citrix components by adopting a hybrid-cloud approach, where many core Citrix components are hosted and managed by Citrix, and only the Virtual Apps servers and Virtual Desktops VMs are deployed by Citrix customers. With secure, anywhere connectivity, uptime assurance of 99.5 percent and global support teams, Citrix Cloud ensures seamless access to apps and desktops.

eG Innovations collaborated with Citrix Certified Expert David Wilkinson to deliver an educational webinar on Citrix Cloud to help the Citrix community understand how enterprise-ready Citrix Cloud is and to provide best practices for deploying, managing, and monitoring Citrix Cloud.

The webinar covers many Citrix Cloud topics, including:

  • Citrix Cloud 101: Architecture and benefits
  • What’s new in the recent Citrix Cloud releases?
  • Deployment and migration considerations
  • Best practices for performance monitoring of Citrix Cloud

Based on his analysis of Citrix Cloud in the areas of security, usability, and management enhancements, Wilkinson concludes that Citrix Cloud is enterprise-ready today. Here’s a recording of the webinar so you can watch it on demand (registration required) and learn for yourself why Citrix Cloud services are enterprise-ready.

Watch the on-demand Citrix Cloud webinar recording