The Citrix Summit ’19 Marketing Track is centered on increasing lead generation for more business, more revenue, and more profit. Specifically, it’s about lead generation in the new era of marketing — digital marketing, where leads come to you.

We believe that digital marketing is a crucial competency for future growth, and we want to position you to succeed. The Summit ’19 Marketing Track is where marketing professionals will learn how digital marketing works and how to hit the ground running.

Shift Happens

There’s a marketing transformation happening in the industry, and we don’t want you to be left behind. Buyer habits are shifting, and your sales team is no longer the gatekeeper for product information. Buyers do their own research online, and shortlist vendors before making initial contact.

According to HubSpot, a leading digital marketing platform, only 29 percent of buyers want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62 percent use a search engine. Digital marketing is a way to get in front of these buyers with your message and value proposition.

Digital marketing is all about attracting quality leads. On average, those who have taken the plunge into digital marketing report that leads from their websites convert 8.59 times more than outbound leads from cold calling and direct mail. And according to HubSpot, only 18 percent of marketers say outbound practices provide the highest quality leads.

A New Way of Thinking

Getting prospects to come to you isn’t easy, and for most channel partners, getting started in digital marketing can be daunting. It requires a new way of thinking, new skill sets, new processes, and a new way to track ROI. Digital marketing requires epic effort, time, and investment to get running and keep running. It has a lot of moving parts such as content, social outreach, a website that supports the process, and a platform to tie it all together.

The chart below lists the challenges marketers face when starting a digital marketing program.

Image Credit: The 2017 State of Inbound Report

Citrix Investment in Partner Marketing

The Summit ’19 Marketing Track explains the process and primary competencies and covers what Citrix is doing to support partners. Because we believe that digital marketing is so important, we’ve invested heavily to build the most comprehensive channel partner digital marketing program in the industry, which includes these five areas:

  • Citrix MarketingIQ — A turnkey lead generation platform with easy-to-run, prepackaged campaigns that you can customize and launch, free of charge
  • Citrix InvestmentIQ — A platform to request marketing funds from Citrix to fuel your digital marketing program. According to HubSpot, 28 percent of marketers say that securing adequate budget is their top marketing challenge.
  • Citrix Partner KickStart — A well of content organized into mini-campaigns that you can string together to create a powerful digital presence. Each campaign is centered on a lead magnet with multiple tactics for activation such as blogs, social media, display banners, and live events.
  • Citrix Partner KickStart Execution — Citrix-certified marketing agencies are now available to run your campaigns. You collect the leads and pay for it with InvestmentIQ

The Summit ’19 Marketing Track is the launch pad for these new marketing programs. I’ll be there to lend my B2B marketing expertise. And for the first time ever, we’re bringing together an amazing lineup of speakers to help you understand digital marketing tactics and how they work together to generate leads:

  • John Jantsch, a bestselling author and small business marketing expert
  • Debbie Qaqish, who literally wrote the book on revenue marketing
  • Andrea Vahl, a social media expert recognized by and
  • Jenny Magic, a content marketing rock star
  • David Pereira, president of a leading digital marketing agency

This is an exciting time for the tech industry and, more specifically, Citrix Partners. No other tech company has invested the time, money, and energy into preparing their partners for digital marketing success as Citrix. So get excited about the marketing track. It will open a new chapter in your success, and Citrix will be with you every step of the way.

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