Different clouds deliver different resources to best suit diverse business needs. One size doesn’t fit all, and getting locked into one cloud doesn’t have to be your only option.

Whether your plan is to use one public cloud, multiple public clouds or a combination of public and on-premises, Citrix SD-WAN offers a solution for enterprises. Citrix removes barriers to cloud computing by enabling you to make the right choices about your network, independent of the cloud provider.

Your users need their application experiences to be great no matter where you host your apps. Concerns about reliability, latency, and visibility can slow users and your business in general, even impeding your ability to compete effectively in the market. You need a seamless way to extend the connectivity from resources hosted in your on-premises data center to resources hosted in the cloud — without having an impact on the user experience in the branch.

Flexibility, Scalability, with Visibility, Performance, Reliability of SD-WAN

AWS has a massive global footprint, as well as leadership in the IaaS market. The combination of AWS and Citrix SD-WAN ensures highly available and reliable network connectivity for remote offices.

With an SD-WAN solution, you can easily and rapidly move your applications from the on-premises data center to the cloud. You can ensure that the users in your branches can seamlessly connect directly to the resources they need — wherever they are. You get a secure, reliable connection from the branch with bandwidth aggregation, QoS, and control. It’s just like a normal SD-WAN connection but in a cloud instance.

Citrix makes it simple to seamlessly connect your branches to AWS. You’re able to alleviate concerns about application performance and reliable connectivity. Available in the AWS Marketplace, Citrix SD-WAN simplifies the management and operations of your network by treating it as code.

Deep visibility into connections from either the branches or your on-premises data center to the cloud provides a singular view into cloud and on-premises resources and the connections that make streamlined management possible. Citrix SD-WAN supports basic Amazon CloudWatch metrics to help organizations monitor SD-WAN instances running on AWS. This generates notifications that correspond with specific events and automated changes to the resources being monitoring. The result is richer insights and streamlined management for SD-WAN admins.

If you have Amazon VPC in AWS, you can use Citrix SD-WAN to create IPsec VPN tunnels that are encrypted for security. These IPsec VPN tunnels share data between on-premises environments — including branch offices — and your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Citrix SD-WAN supports OSPF and BGP routing protocols to easily integrate into existing underlay networks. This allows you to do on-premises to cloud routing.

According to an ESG Strategy Lab Review, “SD-WAN’s zero touch deployment took 15 minutes to spin up an SD-WAN instance in AWS. With templates and cloning, setting up multiple instances is even easier and more accurate.”

Learn more in our new e-book, Delivering Highly Available Networks for the Distributed Enterprise, and our white paper, “Use Cases to Deliver Stronger Branch Office Connectivity.”

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