Mobile apps have open access to device platform, network, and storage resources by default, which could put enterprise data at risk. Citrix MDX containers protect apps and control their access to device resources through policy. This mitigates the risk of unwanted enterprise data loss.

Learn more about MDX containers in the Tech Insight section of Citrix Tech Zone.

The Citrix Workspace Endpoint Management service protects your enterprise endpoint apps and data. The Mobile Device Experience (MDX) Toolkit is an app container technology that enhances the mobile device experience and lets you prepare apps for secure deployment with Citrix Endpoint Management.

The MDX Toolkit can securely wrap apps created either within your organization or third-party mobile apps. You can then use the Citrix Endpoint Management console to add your apps, change their policy configurations, add app categories, apply workflows, and assign to delivery groups to deploy to managed endpoints.

For protecting your enterprise platforms, apps and data, Citrix Endpoint Management, is an essential part of the Citrix Workspace. With MDX container technology, protect apps and control their access to device resources through configuration of 70+ app management policies. Once again learn more in this Tech Insight video, comment below, or reach me by tweeting @tweetmattbrooks.

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