Introducing Citrix ADC for Azure DNS Private Zones

On the heels of our July announcement on Citrix SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN, Citrix is announcing another new joint solution to help our customers in their journeys to Azure. The new service, Citrix ADC for Azure DNS Private Zones, provides intranet domain traffic management.

Azure DNS Private Zones is available today as a public preview and available from any of Azure’s 54 regional data centers. By adding Citrix ADC’s powerful Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) to the popular Azure DNS, Microsoft effectively brings Azure core capabilities to your private data centers transparently and securely.

With the addition of Citrix ADC, we have achieved yet another milestone in delivering joint solutions for Azure — to enable a much richer experience, transparent operations across clouds and unparalleled business agility. — Marissa Schmidt, Sr. Director, Product Management, Citrix Networking

Citrix ADC for Azure DNS Private Zones

The joint solution is designed to entice businesses to migrate on-prem workloads and core networking functionalities such as DNS and ADC to Azure. Citrix ADC adds new capabilities in the form of transparent and secure workload distribution, intranet domain name service (e.g., and traffic load balancing across a hybrid cloud. The benefits do not stop there.

Operational Agility for Hybrid Cloud

Consider a classic framework for operational agility, in which a business has a well-established guideline that mandates high-value data be stored in its private data-center. At the same time, the guideline has a flexible provision to off-load temporary workloads to Azure.

By subscribing to Azure DNS Private Zone, the business can rely on Citrix ADC Global Server Load Balancing’s (GSLB) power and intelligence to distribute intranet traffic across workloads located in multiple geographies and across data centers, connected via secure VPN tunnels.

The ability to turn a hybrid-cloud into one virtual data center with granular control is key to  operational agility. Now, businesses have a very compelling reason to adopt a hybrid-cloud strategy from Azure because it provides seamless migration paths, phase-in options and global reach.

The synergy of Azure Services

Azure DNS Private Zones is well-suited for business of all sizes, from those with large data-centers to co-ops consisting of small branch offices. Additionally, retail store owners and those with points of sale should consider adding the SD-WAN for Azure Virtual WAN. If Azure DNS is the digital phone book to facilitate fast internet address look-ups, the Virtual WAN is the on-ramp to Azure.

The solution features a deep Citrix SD-WAN to Azure API integration, providing automation that you will come to love when deploying a new branch office. Even scaling a network is a matter of cloning your preferred connectivity profile. 

To learn more, we invite you to join us at Microsoft Ignite event booth #414 or attend one of Azure booth presentation sessions featuring our joint solutions on Sept 24-28, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.