We recently connected with some of our CSPs to get their feedback on the Cloud Journey experience and here is what they said.

  • It is so helpful to have a campaign specifically designed for Service Providers.
  • If you are a Citrix Service Provider looking for your next big win, this is the perfect time to get involved.
  • SMBs (small AND medium) are the biggest segment in the US economy, and they are readier than ever to take full advantage of the cloud.
  • They know they cannot do it alone – they need a partner who can help guide their journey, educate them and give them a smart head start.

That is where the Citrix Cloud Journey campaign comes in.

By launching our co-branded campaign on MarketingIQ or your own platform, you’ll be able to educate and empower SMBs with cloud business outcomes like added security, streamlined collaboration and simplified IT. You will be showing them how they can use the cloud to compete with companies 100 times their size and they with be thanking you for it.

We have kept in close contact with CSPs who have already launched the Cloud Journey to help them maximize leads and provide feedback on the campaign experience.

Here are some of the things we have been hearing:

1. It is “all packed up and ready to go”

There are 17 assets in the Cloud Journey campaign, built and mapped to span the entire buyer journey from awareness to consideration and close, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The assets include:

  • A list of customizable posts for your social media network
  • Blog posts that you can customize and launch on your own site
  • Customizable email marketing templates complete with landing and thank-you pages
  • An engaging list of “lead magnets” created to attract new prospects including listicles, infographics, eBooks and more…

You will also get a customized timetable that tells you when to launch each asset.  Running the campaign could not be easier and you can even put your own stamp on the content.

2. “It’s perfect for CSPs who want to reflect their company culture, values and personality”

The Cloud Journey campaign was designed specifically for Service Providers.

All the content is free of charge, and customizable with your messaging and value proposition – for example, many of the assets can live on your own company site, and you can add your logo, value and boiler plate to each piece.

3. “It’s loaded with shortcuts”

We have also prepared additional resources to help you execute the campaign effectively and efficiently so you can focus on your continued business. The campaign comes with the following support for your sales AND marketing team members:

  • Sales Enablement Guide which introduces you to the SMB market and key personas
  • Campaign Activation Guide which walks you through each of the 17 assets
  • Cheat Sheets which tell you everything you need to know about the campaign before you get started –  key takeaways for your prospects, how to make the most of the materials and when best to launch each asset

Each of these shortcuts will help you get up to speed with the campaign fundamentals, move to launch as quickly as possible and get a smart timeframe together for sharing each asset with your audience.

4. “It’s flexible and modular”

You do not have to run the whole Cloud Journey campaign end-to-end.

In fact, a lot of the CSPs we spoke to launched the top, middle or bottom-of-funnel segments of the campaign exclusively, based on their audiences.

5. “It is all available on MarketingIQ – a platform free for all partners”

MarketingIQ is a free tool that lets you customize, launch and manage the campaign from a user friendly platform.

It will be your ‘go-to’ for Cloud Journey campaign materials, templates and services.  There is also a Q&A section on MarketingIQ for any queries you might have, and an ‘Academy’ offering advice on actions like testing and content performance.

It is time to make your mark.

The Cloud Journey campaign is your chance to help SMBs seize the massive opportunity that the cloud offers.

And as our CSPs themselves have said, launching the campaign couldn’t be easier. So, if you have not already done so, visit our Cloud Journey digital postcard to access all resources; view the how-to videos, download the cheat sheets, unlock the campaign and start doing what you do best with new prospects.