Over the course of 2018, you may have seen some exciting changes within the Citrix portfolio as we embark on a larger Citrix initiative to unify our portfolio and give customers and their employees easy and reliable access to all their apps and content. Continuing with the idea of consistency and uniformity across the Citrix portfolio, Citrix XenMobile Service will be rebranded to “Citrix Endpoint Management” and XenMobile apps will now be called “mobile productivity apps.”

With both the XenMobile client release 10.8.55 and the XenMobile service release 10.18.14 (available over the next few weeks), you can expect to see changes throughout Citrix documentation, the XenMobile service console and Secure apps. Throughout, XenMobile apps will now be referred to as mobile productivity apps and XenMobile will be referred to as Citrix Endpoint Management. This will be an ongoing process, so for a while, you may continue to see the name XenMobile.

There will be no change to Secure Hub, Secure Web and Secure Mail names or logos. The only change will be on the splash screen when downloading Secure Hub for the first time; employees will see mobile productivity apps, but other than that, it’s business as usual and customers should not see any disruptions with their apps. Visit docs.citrix.com for additional documentation including the full feature list, known issues, and fixed issues in XenMobile 10.8.55.

What else in new with XenMobile service?

For organizations looking to incorporate Alexa-enabled devices as conference room assistants, XenMobile service now integrates with the Alexa for Business service from Amazon Web Services to configure and manage these devices from the XenMobile service console. You can configure room profiles, rooms and/or skill groups, simplifying the management of endpoint devices including mobile, laptops/desktops and IoT. For additional documentation including full feature list, known issues and fixed issues within the XenMobile service console visit What’s New in XenMobile Service.