Tieto, a key Citrix partner and leading Nordic systems integrator, has chosen Citrix Cloud services on Microsoft Azure to underpin a new hybrid-cloud solution for its Energized Workspace customers. This agreement is hugely significant — an endorsement of Citrix Cloud technology by one of the largest systems integrators in the Nordic region.

Tieto will use Citrix Cloud services on Microsoft Azure to transform end-user services for over 200 Tieto customers across Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden — allowing its managed service customers to transition to virtual, cloud-based services. This will in turn positively impact over 250,000 individual users making use of Tieto’s digital workplace within those customer organisations. The agreement will provide scalable, cost effective, flexible and secure workspace solutions to businesses throughout the region.

Cloud solutions continue to grow in popularity across the Nordic region. Businesses continue to focus on tackling digital transformation, and looking at ways to offer unparalleled end-user experience to foster collaboration, increase productivity and ultimately allow employees to work more effectively from anywhere.

Tieto’s decision to offer its customers a hybrid cloud environment, based on Citrix Cloud services on Azure, will provide individual users of Tieto’s Energized Workspace secure access to data and applications, on any device (such as a tablet or phone) via a hybrid-cloud environment – ultimately encouraging a more flexible, productive way of working.

Citrix is seeing a desire for new, more flexible ways of buying into Citrix technology from both customers and valued partners, such as Tieto. This will continue to drive the move to the cloud in 2018. The transition allows us to remove complexity, whilst also dramatically increasing our agility and the speed at which we can deliver innovation. Customers and partners that have embraced Citrix Cloud have found that they are able to deploy in one third (or less) of the time as with perpetual licenses, and from there we continue to be with them every step of the way.