What is the ultimate end-user computing (EUC) device?

It probably depends on how you work, where you work and what applications or content is required to get your job done. Today that means a smartphone and laptop or a tablet when mobile and, if you’re in the office, multiple displays, a PC or thin client, and a desk phone. Going forward, the ultimate device could also log you in, automate workflows, and leverage IoT within a single workplace.

Perhaps the ultimate EUC device does not replace every device, rather it complements your smartphone or laptop. But it can also replace the old desktop PC and desk phone. The Citrix Ready workspace hub, in fact, does this.

When mobile outside the office, nothing beats a smartphone and virtually every employee has one. Laptops are essential tools for employees that work outside the office, although it would be nice to not have to lug them everywhere inside a workplace.

Inside the office desktop PCs and desk phones are replaceable . In most organizations the EUC device does everything required.

Let’s consider the use cases and alternatives.

Roaming inside a workplace to a stationary workstation

  • Use your smartphone as the authentication device and the workspace hub to launch a VDI session.
  • Use smartphone biometrics like Face-ID and QR code to the workspace hub to instantly log-in with no passwords.

Multiple displays at a workstation

  • Use a Workspace Hub and second display adapter to provide 2 HD displays.
  • Use a laptop as primary display and WiFi dock to workspace hub display in multi-monitor mode

Attend a meeting in a conference room

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to cast to the workspace hub to display and present PowerPoint slides. Use the smartphone to swipe to the next slide.
  • Use a laptop to cast/mirror screen to Workspace Hub connected to the projector or TV. The workspace hub alleviates the need for multiple dongles/adapters or even Apple TVs.

Desk phone and online meetings

  • Use workspace hub with optimized Skype For Business to replace the standard issue desk phone.
  • Use smartphone and let the desk phone collect dust.

Workplace Automation

  • Use workspace hub IoT trigger to notify indoor mapping systems with room or workstation availability
  • Use workspace hub IoT trigger to locate colleagues or locations.
  • Use workspace hub as IoT gateway to collect sensor data.
  • Use workspace hub beacon to automate hands free authentication.
  • Use workspace hub beacon to enable Real Time Location Systems (RTLS).

Considering the above capabilities the Citrix Ready workspace hub is much more than just a thin client and could be considered the ultimate EUC device for many organizations and employees.