The secure browser service is a turnkey service that allows you to browse the internet using a disposable isolated browser to prevent compromising your end point from browser-based attacks. If you are a XenApp/XenDesktop customer, these are five reasons Secure Browser is a good addition to your existing on-premises deployment:

1. No infrastructure required

The secure browser service comes with the necessary compute infrastructure to deliver a disposable browser. That means that, as an administrator, you don’t have to worry about capacity planning, managing images, applying security updates, or anything else. It is truly a turnkey service that is easy to consume.

2. Integrate into your existing StoreFront

One of the coolest things about the secure browser service is how easy is to integrate it into your existing on-prem XenApp/XenDesktop deployment. All you need to do is aggregate the secure browser service as another XenApp farm in StoreFront and your users will get a published Chrome browser they can start using right away. If you already publish Chrome inside your XenApp farm, the transition to Secure Browser would be transparent to end users, as you would stop publishing Chrome in your XenApp farm and use Secure Browser service published Chrome app instead.

3. Make your XenApp farm more secure

Publishing a browser inside your XenApp farm means that browser-based attacks can compromise your server farm and any critical data hosted in those servers. The best way to solve this problem is to isolate the browser in its own server farm. But this is costly to do and the reason many customers don’t do it. The Secure Browser service makes this possible by offering a cost-effective way to build a secure & isolated mechanism to deliver a browser to end users. This approach is now available to everyone!

4. Secure Browser service uses Linux

Chrome is a cross-platform browser, which means you can deliver the same browsing experience in Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Secure Browser service uses the Linux VDA and Chrome for Linux for two key reasons. First, by not having to pay RDS licenses, we are able to offer a competitive consumption-based pricing. Second, because most browser-based attacks target Windows and Mac, using Linux offers yet another layer of security.

5. Hourly-based consumption model

The Secure Browser service allows you to buy hourly packs to match your usage. You can start small and grow based on user demand. We believe the value of this service is significantly more than if you build a solution by yourself. The best part of a consumption model is that you don’t have to make estimate usage and instead adjust based on real consumption. This reduces up-front risk and ensures we both have a common goal to deliver a reliable, secure and high performant service to your end users.

Bonus one: Secure Browser service entitles you to the Workspace Service

You probably saw the demos during Citrix Synergy, but if you didn’t, I recommend you check out our YouTube channel. The Workspace Service enables you to aggregate on-premises apps and desktops with mobile and SaaS apps. Plus, it integrates with files and content, all provided in a unified experience for mobile, desktop and web.

Jeroen & PJ talked about the different technologies around secure browsing that we offer in Citrix Workspace. Please check out this video:

If you are interested, head to Citrix Cloud and request a Secure Browser Service trial.