With the release of the first ever Citrix Certified Expert — Networking certification on May 16th and the new 400-level preparatory training course, Citrix now offers a comprehensive networking curriculum. The curriculum is structured in a way that builds from Associate (CCA-N) — the lower-level certification is required as a prerequisite for achieving the higher-level certification — to Professional (CCP-N) to Expert (CCE-N).

This means that just like the virtualization track, in order to attain the CCE-N, the CCP-N is required, and the CCA-N in order to attain the CCP-N.


How does the stacking requirement affect you if you’re looking to become CCE-N certified?

In the diagram below, you’ll see the certification paths outlined to reach the certification of your choice. The process to obtain the certification(s) of your choice is outlined below. However, in 2019, if you hold an expired CCP-N without a CCA-N certification you will need to begin your certification journey at the CCA-N.

For more information visit the Networking Certification stack requirements page.

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