As a Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partner, you are helping customers use Citrix solutions like XenApp and XenDesktop to unleash the productivity and innovation of their global workforces, accelerating digital transformation and creating new business opportunities. By 2020, mobile employees will comprise three-quarters of the workforce.[1] Employees now use up to five personal or employer-provided devices on the job, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and thin-client devices, and expect a seamless experience across all of them.[2] The demand for mobile applications has never been greater.

The market opportunity for your services make it imperative that you deliver a virtualization experience that meets or exceed your customers’ heightened expectations. You already know how Citrix NetScaler helps your business grow by providing a gateway for XenApp and XenDesktop services that ensures their exceptional security, authentication, high availability, and performance.

Citrix NetScaler has been honored 11 times by Gartner, which states that “Citrix should be considered for all ADC opportunities globally.”

Get ready to capture customer growth and drive your business forward with Five Great Reasons to Upgrade to NetScaler v12 Now. Download our infographic to learn about the great benefits you’ll get when you upgrade. They include:

  1. License usage reporting is easier: As you probably learned by reading the I Love LUI overview, Citrix License Usage Insights (LUI) makes Citrix license reporting easier. Now you can use this free cloud-based service to automatically report on your NetScaler 12 license usage.
  2. Use license check in, check out (CICO): Simplify license management by using the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) as your centralized license repository. Auto-provision NetScaler 12 and allocate licenses, increasing your operating efficiency – and margins.
  3. Enhance security for a cloud-first era: NetScaler 12 provides several security innovations that make it easier than ever to protect your customers and your business from increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks as workforces grow and endpoints increase. Check out new features and benefits here.
  4. Gain NetScaler Gateway support for PCoIP: NetScaler 12 enables your customers to choose their preferred VDI solutions by supporting XenApp, XenDesktop, and VMware View from a single ADC.
  5. Microsoft Intune support: NetScaler 12 allows you to protect applications and ensure compliance with automated data loss prevention policies using Microsoft Intune Mobile App Management (MAM), enhancing Intune’s mobile device management (MDM) capabilities. In addition, NetScaler helps you enhance performance with new high availability support for VPX instances with SR-IOV interfaces running on Amazon Web Services.
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