If you missed Synergy 2018, you missed the best Citrix event yet! Even if you couldn’t be with us, never fear; you can watch the videos of our keynote, breakout sessions, and more on Citrix Synergy TV.

The Anaheim weather was close to perfect, as was the event. It was truly synergistic.

The future of work — or, as workers, how we engage in the art of work — was on full display at Citrix Synergy, along with many of Citrix’s Strategic Alliances and joint solutions. As I’ve now had a few days to think about what I heard and saw last week, it strikes me that while Citrix is powering a new way to use technology to perform our work, Citrix Strategic Alliances is powering a new way to partner.

As our customers are moving to a hybrid, multi-cloud world, Citrix is committed to providing customers with the choice and flexibility they require for secure deployment of Citrix Cloud Services. Our Strategic Alliances assist in providing that flexibility and choice.

We were excited and honored to welcome Diane Bryant, COO of Google Cloud on stage with Citrix CEO David Henshall during the Day 1 Keynote. Diane detailed the 7+ years of the Google-Citrix strategic alliance, spanning virtual apps and desktops on Chromebooks, to EMM for Android in the Enterprise, to Sharefile and G Suite integrations to Citrix Cloud Services on Google Cloud Platform. Together, we also announced several new solutions and integrations to further expand the end-to-end delivery of Workspaces with Google, including Citrix Cloud Autoscale for Google Cloud, XenApp/XenDesktop Provisioning for Google Cloud Platform, G Suite integration into Citrix Workspace, and the Citrix Real-time Optimization Pack for Google Chrome Browser. That kind of innovation and solutions power is impressive!

We also continued our industry-leading innovation with long time Strategic Alliance partner Microsoft (last week at both Microsoft Build and Citrix Synergy), building on our Azure-based solutions and extending them to Azure Government Cloud.  We also spent time detailing our Windows 10, Server, and RDMi solutions with Microsoft. We were privileged to have Scott Manchester, Group Program Manager, Remote Desktop at Microsoft for one of the highest-attended breakout sessions on Windows10, Server and Citrix.

The market is demanding hybrid cloud solutions with 58% choosing this route, and we are listening to our customers for hybrid cloud solutions that deliver on the simplicity and experience of cloud while also delivering on: i) Security and Control ii) Agility and Flexibility iii) Application Complexity Management and, iv) Operating Cost Reduction.

Delivering on true hybrid cloud choice for Citrix Cloud, we were excited to announce the expansion of our Citrix Ready Workspace Appliance program to all the industry-leading server partners, including Nutanix InstantOn VDI, Cisco Hyperflex, HPE, Lenovo, Flexxible IT, and Dell/EMC. But it doesn’t stop there! The StorMagic/Cisco partnership announced a first Edge Appliance for Citrix Workspaces. Now, if that doesn’t give our customers true choice in infrastructure for on-premises hybrid-cloud, I don’t know what does.

In a cloud services world that’s innovating at rapid speed, we also recognize the need for more alliances in the cloud-native world. We were excited to announce our new partnership with ServiceNow, which is initially focused on leveraging the IT service management platform for automating provisioning requests and support ticket workflows for Citrix Cloud Services.   Once again, Citrix, through its alliances, is providing the choice and flexibility our customers wand and need to manage their Citrix Cloud deployments in their current environments.

I’m getting excited again just thinking about all this great work with our Strategic Alliance partners and Citrix solutions. But there’s just one more thing before I get back to my day job working with my team and partners on the next set of innovations.

The Future of Work also includes tools like Slack for productivity and collaboration, and Citrix was pleased to announce:  “Move Conversation to Slack” in Citrix Workspace. This integration with Slack into Citrix Secure Mail allows users to move extended email conversations to Slack if a thread gets too long. Now, that’s cool stuff!

We also had our hybrid and multi-cloud partnerships with AWS, Oracle Cloud, Intel and others at Synergy in full force. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Thank you, partners, for a great Citrix Synergy, for our healthy and innovative partnerships, and for your commitment and trust in Citrix. It is an honor to be your partner.

Now, what’s next, you ask? Stay tuned… there’s lots more to come with this industry-leading ecosystem of Strategic Alliance Partners.