We are thrilled to have Google Cloud back as a Platinum sponsor at their fifth consecutive Citrix Synergy. 

Over the last half-decade of Synergy events, we’ve collaborated with Google to launch great solutions, meet with happy joint customers, and build really fun environments for attendees to learn about how Google Cloud and Citrix are collaborating to create the Future of Work.

Since last May, our customers have been asking for a multi-cloud strategy, and this year, we are proud to showcase our extended partnership with Google Cloud at Citrix Synergy. Today, during the opening keynote, Google Cloud COO, Diane Bryant and Citrix CEO, David Henshall discussed our partnership and shared vision of helping businesses transition to the cloud and access their data securely from anywhere.

New Citrix + Google Cloud innovation

We’re also excited to unveil Citrix and Google Cloud announcements today that help our joint customers improve security, flexibility and performance:

Citrix Cloud AutoScale for Google Cloud is now available to enhance our XenApp and Xendesktop on Google Cloud offerings. In December, we announced that customers can use Citrix Cloud to access and manage their Citrix Workspaces hosted on Google Cloud Platform. Autoscale builds on that to give Citrix users the ability to power manage their Citrix Workspaces based on cloud resource demand. This delivers a cost-effective method for them to deploy on Google Cloud Platform.

XenApp/XenDesktop Provisioning for Google Cloud Platform will be available later this year. If you are a Citrix Cloud customer, this will allow you to automate building and launching of XenApp and XenDesktop VMs on Google Cloud,  decrease deployment time of your citrix resources and increase operational efficiencies.

G Suite integration into Citrix Workspace leverages our newly announced Citrix Access Control to provide customers with easy to deploy templates to configure security policies on top of G Suite within the browser. This helps protect end users from malicious embedded links, manage authorization access, white/black list URLs and provide visibility on security violations. With this new integration, IT admins can deploy Google services more easily into Citrix Workspaces.

Citrix optimizations for Google Chrome Browser provide support for 64-bit Apps with HDX Webcam redirection this was introduced in 7.17 (RfWin and RfChrome only).  It also delivers audio buffer improvements in Chrome that optimizes audio performance in XenApp.

Must-see Google Cloud Sessions & Learning Lab at Synergy
In addition to the Citrix +Google Cloud solutions highlighted in various sessions at Synergy, the following sessions focus exclusively on Google Cloud:

  • SYN152: Google Cloud and Citrix: Simplify endpoint management and VDI strategy. This session will show how Citrix and Google combine security, productivity and controls of Chrome Enterprise hosted on Google’s cutting-edge cloud infrastructure with the industry-leading application virtualization and unified endpoint management solutions from Citrix. (Wednesday, May 9th at 11:30 am)
  • SYN140: Jump-start your secure digital transformation with Citrix and Google Cloud.  This session featuresthe Citrix and Google partnership and how we enable customers to deliver the most secure digital workspaces to employees with a true end-to-end solution spanning on-premises, cloud and mobile. (Wednesday, May 9th at 2:30 pm)
  • Citrix + Chrome Enterprise deployment Learning Lab: This Synergy favorite will show customers how to deploy Citrix Receiver for Chrome in both kiosk mode and logged-in user mode, and how to deploy Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Unified Endpoint Management with any Chrome OS endpoint.

Thanks again to Google for another great year of partnership at Synergy 2018. If you weren’t able to attend Synergy in person,you’ll be able to see the Google breakout sessions listed above (SYN140 and SYN152) online here after the week concludes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Citrix +Google Cloud solutions, please click here, or contact your Citrix sales rep.