You’ve asked, and wondered, and while it has been years in the making, it’s finally here! On May 16, 2018, Citrix is releasing the first ever Citrix Certified Expert — Networking (CCE-N) certifications based on Citrix NetScaler 12.x.

Why release an Expert exam now? The Networking landscape is ever changing. More users are going remote, more products are moving to the cloud and enterprises need to find a way to gain flexibility between on-premises deployments and cloud support. All of this needs to be done without sacrificing security or performance. Seem like a daunting task? I agree. This can be overwhelming for even the most advanced administrators.

How can we be sure the right decisions are being made the first time? That’s where Citrix Education comes in. The new expert level certification, and corresponding Networking course (CNS-420 Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution) takes advanced administrators and introduces them to real-world scenarios putting them in the consulting driver’s seat, as they create a complex Citrix networking solution to meet advanced environment requirements, constraints, and business drivers. This new approach to hands-on learning will allow you to gain invaluable experience on how and what decisions to make when designing, deploying, and maintaining networking environments.

So, what’s covered in this new Expert level course and exam? In the classroom and on the exam, you will explore the process of architecting your environment. You will get a deep understanding how Citrix approaches environment assessments and designs to deploy the right networking solution. You’ll understand and be tested on multi-tenant infrastructure and deployments, advanced AAA configuration, essential security and remote configurations, and of course advanced load balancing concepts. Intrigued? Take a look at CNS-420 for more information.

Whether it’s architecting a new networking environment or seeking to be a newly Citrix Certified Expert don’t go at it alone. Let Citrix provide you the tools, education, and support to be successful the first time and every time there after.​

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