As industry leaders in desktop outsourcing and virtualization, DXC and Citrix take a holistic approach to desktop and application delivery to truly embrace digital transformation.

As Stu Downes, a Director of Product Management and Product Architecture in DXC’s Workplace & Mobility offering group states, “the question for enterprises is, how far behind the release curve do you want to be? How many new security features do you want to leave on the shelf? How far behind competitors do you want the user experience of your people?”

Our combined experience shows that there is no effective “one size fits all” approach to a digital workspace. Disciplined methodologies, an extensive portfolio of intellectual property and broad experience in managing millions of desktops is needed to accelerate the enterprise deployment of scalable workspace solutions.

DXC and Citrix are embracing and enabling liberated new ways of working. we see that our customers need to move to a secure, richer, digital workplace experience with instant collaboration. People, not technology are the focus of a digital workspace and to create highly effective, integrated and personalized solutions,

Build confidence in your digital transformation and join us at Citrix Synergy, the event that brings together experts and thought leaders who are changing the way the world works. Synergy will share the Citrix vision for the future of work, and show how harnessing new innovations gives you more opportunities than ever to create meaningful competitive advantage.