There are some days when I wake up for work and all I can do is drink multiple cups of coffee, put on a fierce coat of lipstick, and try my very best to just make it through the day. I know I’m not alone here; we’ve all been there (with or without lipstick)! Then there are the days when I jump out of bed and just KNOW it’s going to be an amazing day. Wednesday, February 28th, was one of those days.

That was the day we kicked off award season in preparation for Citrix Synergy. While I knew this year would take the team and me to London and Germany, I couldn’t hide the fact that I was thrilled that the first stop was in my backyard: Miami.

Being a cloud-first model, and working with Citrix, has removed a lot of burdens from our backs. We can focus on what’s important to our centers.

Doral, Florida, is one of thirty-four municipalities in Miami-Dade County. It regularly hosts in excess of 100,000 people who work in the area. It is also the headquarters of Health Choice Network (HCN), one of our 3 Innovation Award finalists. HCN, with 63 safety-net healthcare organizations in 21 states serving 3.2 million patients, Health Choice Network, Inc. (HCN) is recognized as a leader in the integration of health information technology. They are using Citrix cloud technology to deliver a fully integrated, secure digital workspace to its physicians, care-givers and staff, enabling rapid expansion of new member health center locations, improving performance, and ensuring the quality of patient care. “Being a cloud-first model, and working with Citrix, has removed a lot of burdens from our backs. We can focus on what’s important to our centers,” said Maylee Sanchez, HCN’s CIO.

Citrix Innovation Award shoot at HCN in Miami

I got to see, first-hand, what’s important to every member of the HCN team: People. The people from the community who rely on the network to deliver quality healthcare are at the heart of HCN’s mission. Every point along the patient’s journey is central to every decision HCN’s leadership team makes, from operations to IT, and every step along the way. According to Alejandro Romillo, HCN’s President & CEO, “Every dollar spent on technology is a dollar not spent on patient care.” With Citrix cloud solutions, they are able to free up resources while delivering the same quality experience to the millions of patients they see annually.

Yeah, February 28th was a good day. It was the day I got to witness how Citrix is creating solutions that don’t just make people’s jobs easier, but that make their lives better!

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