It’s time for Citrix Ultimate Rewards!

Anticipation has been steadily building since the announcement at Citrix Summit. The old system will be taken down at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, February 9, and the new system will be live at noon Eastern Standard Time on February 10.

That’s when our partners can begin entering opportunities in the new, simplified registration system and start taking advantage of new opportunities to profit from selling Citrix solutions.

Moving to the cloud

Many partners have been telling me that they can’t wait to start registering deals, especially in the cloud space. They are most eager to register new cloud deals for Spark and Drive, and they also aim to convert existing on-prem customers to cloud services.

That’s great to hear, because we built Citrix Ultimate Rewards to motivate you, our partners, to move to the cloud and drive adoption of cloud-enabled products. In fact, it’s the first time Citrix has offered a rebate specifically for cloud sales. It will become very clear, very fast, that the more cloud products you sell, the more money you’re going to make.

Simplifying the process

We also designed Citrix Ultimate Rewards to make it easier for partners to do business with Citrix. The goal is to reduce the complexity of our program and processes so you can focus on customers and business growth, not administration.

It’s literally true that you don’t have to understand the intricacies of rules and policies anymore. Instead, you just have to understand things about the deal and things about your customer. With some basic information on the deal and the customer, our system is now smart enough to know exactly what incentives and discounts you are eligible for.

With only a few questions to answer and some “magic” from our technology, which integrates logic and business rules, you can get an answer much faster. Thanks to automation, certain deals will not have to be touched by humans at all. They’ll be automatically approved or disapproved, so partners will enjoy instant responses.

Plus, there’s far less chance that you’ll have to follow up on a pending registration.

Training and resources

To help partners make the transition to Citrix Ultimate Rewards, we’ve developed lots of enablement resources (all available on Citrix SalesIQ) and training webinars:

I strongly encourage you to become familiar with the new program so you can accelerate your profits right away.

Thank you for your partnership and good selling!

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