As we move into 2018, many IT leaders will be looking for new content collaboration solutions that improve worker productivity and keep important files secure. If you’re looking for a new file sync-and-share solution, consider finding a product with these amazing features:

  1. Hybrid cloud storage

Since the cloud became a ubiquitous feature of the enterprise environment, it’s helped companies become faster, more agile, and increasingly productive. When employees can access their files securely from any device, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for scaling business to the increasing demands of the global economy.

The cloud benefits IT professionals by reducing some of the risk of shadow IT, reported DXC Technology, appearing in the Harvard Business Review. Because employees can easily access their files, they may be less tempted to use unsanctioned personal file-sharing services, effectively shutting down one possible source of information leaks and data breaches.

Compared to a strictly cloud-based solution, a hybrid option gives IT leaders more granular control over company data and helps them protect and secure legacy data. Plus, hybrid solutions are scalable, so IT leaders can obtain the right amount of computing resources they need, without paying for unused space and computer power.

  1. Malware protection

Scroll through news headlines going back to 2015 and you’ll see an emerging pattern of high-profile ransomware attacks. In the past year, the WannaCry malware attack was one of the most devastating in recent memory. According to Data Protection Report, roughly 100,000 organizations were infected with WannaCry in over 150 countries.

Enterprise organizations need to secure their collaboration solutions or risk being held hostage by cybercriminals half a world away. IT leaders should look for encrypted solutions that offer version control and rollback capabilities, can quarantine ultra-sensitive or infected files, give clearance levels to specific information, and generally protect users from persons with malicious intent.

  1. A robust suite of analytics tools

Everywhere you look in the modern world of business, you’ll find analytics transforming the way we work. By providing a wider context, analytics tools allow managers to assign work more effectively, provide workers with improved data to fuel their creativity and give senior leaders the ability to more efficiently manage resources.

Content collaboration products should feature analytics tools that provide valuable insights into the performance and availability of information. Reports pertaining to file access, download rates and sharing within and outside the organization can greatly improve operations.

Further, analytic data regarding the collection and usage of content, business relevance and work patterns can serve as a basis for process changes within the organization. By pulling back the curtain and truly understanding how employees work best, leaders can develop guidelines and policies to build on today’s successes and overcome future challenges.

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