As a Citrix Ready partner, Stratodesk has been pioneering the cause of helping Citrix’ customer base enhance the user experience with endpoint devices. Today, I am pleased to bring you a guest post by Joseph Anderson from Stratodesk. Read on to learn how this collaboration is proving fruitful to end-customers.

Stratodesk is helping to revolutionize the VDI space. And, as you might expect, Citrix is a core part of our story. Since 2010, Stratodesk has provided technology solutions that enable system administrators to manage their Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop endpoint devices more efficiently. Stratodesk leverages Citrix technology by providing an additional level of endpoint security, a higher ROI, and increased performance.

We’ve also worked with Citrix to create the Citrix HDX Ready Pi,  a Raspberry Pi that operates using the NoTouch OS.

And because the Citrix HDX Ready Pi operates on NoTouch Desktop, you also get access to our seamless management system, NoTouch Center, and our easy to install Virtual Appliance.

Here’s a lowdown on how NoTouch desktop allows Citrix customers to unlock the full effect of VDI, as well as insights into the key features.

NoTouch Desktop and the Citrix HDX Ready Pi

Through Stratodesk’s partnership with Citrix, we have been able to disrupt the thin client space. And, we’ve done this by creating an inexpensive yet powerful, fully managed enterprise-grade endpoint.

The HDX Ready Pi introduces a hardware platform that incorporates all of NoTouch Desktop’s best features. I am personally very excited to observe HDX Ready Pi’s ability to transfer images at an FPS much higher than other, more expensive machines. A great example of this that we love to show our customers is how using the HDX Ready Pi, you can actually play online multiplayer games, watch TV shows, and use Skype for Business.

At Stratodesk, we are making the Raspberry Pi ready for the enterprise market. In addition, we have been able to collaborate in Citrix’s own game-changing story as they have pioneered to make the Raspberry Pi a remarkable solution for graphics.

NoTouch Desktop and the evolving frontier of VDI

As the VDI technology evolves, we’ve made sure that the NoTouch Desktop operating on its own also offers a wide range of feature-rich products. Here are a few key points that I’d like to highlight.

PC Repurposing

NoTouch Desktop allows you to repurpose any PC, Laptop, or existing thin client. It extends the life of your existing hardware, provides an extra layer of endpoint security, and delivers all the benefits of thin client computing without the costs and hassles of purchasing new hardware.

Enterprise-grade management system

Though it has been possible to purchase, assemble, and connect Raspberry Pis for some time, never before has it been possible to introduce them into the enterprise space –simply because management of those devices was not feasible. With NoTouch Center, you can easily manage thousands of HDX Ready Pis.

Imprivata Single Touch Sign On

NoTouch Desktop is also fully equipped for Imprivata, which makes it perfect for hospitals and other organizations in the healthcare industry. Together with Citrix, we’re helping enable digital transformation by providing clinicians with instant access to patient information as they move from across their physical environment.

I think our ability to partner and solve unique use cases, together with the fact that our NoTouch Desktop is Citrix Ready verified for XenApp and XenDesktop, is a big reason we won the Citrix Ready Partner of the Month for November 2017.

Take a look at our Citrix Ready profile for more information on how Citrix and Stratodesk work together to help customers unify and standardize VDI endpoints.