This is the sixth and final blog post in a series about our core values. It highlights the value of Unity, which Citrix sums up this way: “We collaborate to win together.”

Unity became one of the Citrix core values at a critical time. As target markets and corporate strategy shifted, Citrix went through a significant transformation, both cultural and organizational. To bring the company together, we recognized the importance of unifying business units, product groups and geographies—and enlisting the continued support of the Citrix partner ecosystem—to move forward and win against the competition.

Collaboration with partners has been foundational to Citrix since the company began back in 1989. Today, 93 percent of all product transactions flow through partners, usually in conjunction with Citrix sales teams.

Shared history

One of the elements that builds a sense of unity is the long history shared by Citrix and many of our partners. Together, we have experienced ups and downs in business, and many changes in technologies, products and programs. By tackling and overcoming challenges together and sharing in the rewards, we’ve strengthened the partnership over time. The bonds forged in good times and in bad help us stick together and work harder to drive increased growth and profits for both parties.

To highlight the value Citrix places on long-term partner relationships, at our 2017 sales and partner conference, we announced the “Citrix Summit All Stars.” All nine of these partners have been with Citrix for at least 20 years, and have attended 15 or more Summit events. It’s no coincidence that they are among our largest partners. Their loyalty and commitment to Citrix have paid off in significant growth and success.

Shared goals

A major benefit of belonging to the Citrix partner ecosystem is peer-to-peer collaboration. At first glance, this might seem counterintuitive. After all, aren’t partners hard-wired to compete with each other for business?

Sometimes, partners can win by joining forces. For example, a group of Platinum Citrix Solution Advisors created M7 Global Partners, a collaborative venture aimed at increasing the “value, credibility, depth, and reach” of each member by combining marketing efforts, sharing technology resources, pooling knowledge and experience, and providing a wider array of industry specializations. By working together, M7 Global Partners enables members to achieve greater success than they could alone.

Shared purpose

Citrix and our partners share a vision of providing exceptional IT solutions and services to customers. One of the mechanisms for achieving this vision is the Citrix User Group Community (CUGC), whose members include many IT professionals from partner organizations. By providing education, knowledge sharing and opportunities for networking, CUGC promotes collaboration and understanding at the local level – within individual user groups – and across the broader community. Its members also supply valuable technical input to Citrix, serving as an additional communications channel between the company and our partners.

The latest example of unity between Citrix and partners will be showcased at Citrix Summit 2018, when we launch our revised partner incentive program. We spent a good portion of last year discussing this initiative with partners and other stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns. We’ve incorporated these needs in the new program, while still aligning to our overall company vision and goals.

Unity for the new year

As we head into the holiday season of celebrations with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues, it’s especially appropriate to think about unity. Working together – whether on a customer win, a new program, or a community project — makes every achievement more rewarding.

With the support of our amazing partners, I’m looking forward to an exceptional year in 2018. Wishing you all a happy holiday season and a wonderful New Year.

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Craig Stilwell, Worldwide Vice President of Partner Sales & Strategy, has more than 23 years of technology experience, including more than 17 years at Citrix. He most recently served as Area Vice President of our U.S. Commercial business, responsible for all sales and products in the U.S. Commercial segment. Previously, Craig served in several roles at Citrix, notably as Vice President of Americas Channel Sales & Field Operations.

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