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Curiosity Sparks Continuous Innovation at Citrix

Citrix worldwide channel VP, Craig Stilwell, talks about our core value of Courage and what it means for Citrix and our partnerships.

Even More Reasons for Our Partners to Get Excited About the Citrix-Microsoft Relationship

At Citrix Summit in January, we talked with our partners & the Citrix team about our commitment to winning together…

Citrix Core Value of Respect Is a Two-way Street

Citrix worldwide channel VP, Craig Stilwell, talks about how Respect, one of our core values at Citrix, guides our ever-evolving relationships with our partners.

Integrity Is the Foundation that Partnerships Are Built On

This blog post is the second in a series covering Citrix’ core values and their relevance for our partner ecosystem,…

Citrix Values Are “True North” for Successful Partner Relationships

Citrix worldwide channel VP, Craig Stilwell, on how our core values at Citrix are as critical to the way we do business with our partners as they are in maintaining our special culture.

Meet Citrix Services Delivery: A New Way Citrix & Partners Can Win Together

Citrix partners who excel at delivering services sell 40% more product in the first 12 months alone which is why we're happy to announce the new Citrix Services Delivery Kits and Citrix Services Delivery Certification.

Bring Your Customers to #CitrixSynergy and Close More Deals

Are you leaving money on the table? If you’re not planning to attend Citrix Synergy 2017, May 23–25 in Orlando,…

Winning Together: Thank You for Joining Us at #CitrixSummit

Citrix Summit is always the perfect way to begin a new year, but this year was special for me since…

Winning Together in 2017

This morning, we kicked off Citrix Summit 2017, our annual sales enablement and business development conference, in Anaheim, California. I…

Let’s Kick Off a Successful New Year Together at #CitrixSummit 2017

Craig Stilwell, new Citrix VP, Worldwide Partner Strategy & Sales, discusses his imperatives for the year ahead and invites Citrix partners to attend Citrix Summit 2017.