Available now, XenMobile 10.7.20 has something for everyone.

Let’s start with your Samsung mobile device users. Citrix has extended its partnership with Samsung to include DeX (Desktop Experience) enabling a full Windows desktop experience on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. DeX not only optimizes your Desktop and App virtualization, it also provides a great experience for Citrix Secure Apps, especially Secure Mail. Drop your Galaxy S8 into the DeX puck connected to a monitor and the Secure Mail phone display automatically launches in landscape mode on the monitor for a very desktop-like experience.

With Samsung DeX you could leave your laptop home and just carry your Samsung phone and DeX in your pocket. In your hotel room just plug the DeX puck into the TV monitor, place your S8 in the puck and you’ll be able to work like you’re on a laptop — even the mouse works great!

This release also includes some nice enhancements to Secure Mail for Android related to email attachments. You can now preview Secure Mail attachments (Microsoft Office or images) in Secure Mail, rather than by opening the attachments using another app such as QuickEdit.

There are also new actions you can now perform when viewing attachments:

  • Select an existing message from your mailboxes to attach the file to
  • Select a new message to attach the file to
  • Save an attachment for offline access
  • Delete an attachment from offline files
  • Open an attachment using a different application
  • View the source email or calendar event of the attachment

You can also preview attachments when viewing a message, composing a new message, viewing an attachments folder or calendar events.

For IT administrators, we’ve enabled additional control options for devices, apps and reporting.

  • In previous versions of Secure Hub for iOS, users could access the hidden features menu by performing a Three Finger tap on their devices. The hidden features menu allowed users to reset application data. In the 10.7.20 version of Secure Hub, you can disable users access to the hidden features menu.
  • MDX now has support for crash reporting to Citrix Insight Service (CIS).  If Citrix Reporting policies are On and a crash happens, MDX creates a report bundle with any logs and crash reports available, and uploads it to CIS.
  • If you use Net Promotor Score surveys there’s a new policy for ShareFile apps, Allow NPS ShareFile, that allows you to occasionally display a Net Promoter Score survey to users for their feedback.
  • There’s also a new Do Not Tunnel Endpoint. There are some service endpoints that XenMobile SDKs and apps use for various features which need to be excluded from microVPN tunneling. MDX does this by default, but it is now possible to override this list by setting a client property on the XenMobile Server.
  • And finally, there’s a new policy to control opening URLs in the native browser. The SecureWebDomains policy controls which domains are sent to the Secure Web browser, instead of the native browser.

For more information on features, fixes and known issues in the XenMobile 10.7.20 client release, please visit our documentation pages under What’s new in XenMobile Apps.