I’m a huge fan of classic cars. I love their old iron cast engines, their sweet roar. I had never been a fan of new-age, high-tech cars until recently when I drove a new Audi A8. Wow! The tech underneath its skin and its performance — PHEW! Though the purr of a classic engine is close to my heart, my drive in the Audi told me that I need to quickly adapt to the new tech crazy world.

Similar to my love for classic cars was the old Citrix Receiver for Android. Built solidly, built with heart and substance. But, GOSH!, was I overwhelmed when Ravee asked me to try out the new Receiver for Android 3.13. Ravee and team did a wonderful job with creating a completely new user interface. Streamlined and easy to use, it has increased my productivity by a large margin. And it’s not just shiny with some fresh, new paint; they have changed the engine and chassis too!

Now, you can start using the new Receiver for Android 3.13 from the Google Play Store.

NOTE: The new Receiver will be deployed across the globe in a phased canary roll out. You might get an update before your friends and colleagues in your organization.

The all-new UI

I started my day by adding my Store URL to the new Receiver

And the app lands directly onto the home page, where I can use my favorite apps and desktops; I can start working right away!

To have a look at what else is in store for me, I can use the side navigation bar and click on “Apps”

And I can see all the apps clearly.

If you are overwhelmed with the list of apps shown, use the smart search to zero on the app you are looking for.

I can add some to my favorites and remove those I do not want to see on my landing Home page.

To find out more about an app, I can use the information button

Receiver app settings are neatly laid out and intuitive to use.

I can easily switch between two stores.

The new engine

The new architecture compartmentalizes each component of the Android Receiver for better stability and performance. This ensures that the latest Receiver along with it’s fresh user interface. I could tell you more about the new architecture, but I’d have to kill you afterward. So, I shall refrain.  😆

DTLS Support over Adaptive Transport (EDT)

DTLS support is now enabled for Adaptive Transport (EDT) using NetScaler Gateway. To use DTLS, ensure that EDT is enabled in the Settings menu.

I truly believe this new Receiver for Android adapts to whatever makes you most productive, for the most pleasant experience!

That’s all folks!