Fujitsu, a thought leader in on-premises and off-premises human centric workplace solutions, has just launched a new cloud-based desktop service “VCC” with Citrix, raising the bench mark for hosted cloud desktops and protecting customers from other inadequate solutions that use the lowest common denominator approach to computing and fail to meet key user expectations and business requirements by delivering only basic capabilities. Citrix Workspace provides a better foundation, providing the ability for complete choice of device, cloud and network, streamlined for IT control and simple, secure access for users.

Launched on Nov 27th, the Fujitsu virtual client cloud service “VCC” enables windows app and desktop delivery through industry leading XenApp and XenDesktop and secure file sync-and-sharing with ShareFile. Recent years have seen a strong demand for deployment of VDI systems that transform the ways people work and perform. Fujitsu and Citrix have a two decade-long history of collaborating on VDI technology, now expanding our deep collaboration to provide co-creation hosted by the cloud.

“I am delighted at this expansion of our collaboration with Citrix in the cloud. Fujitsu has always provided cutting-edge and highly reliable technology that supports society and our customers, and I am certain that by offering a cloud-based service in combination with Citrix’s VDI products, we will be able to meet the diverse needs of customers who are transforming the way they work.” says Matsuhiro Kishimoto, Senior Fellow, SVP, Deputy Head of Service Platform Business, Fujitsu Limited

This new service will enable easier use of VDI environments providing both convenience and security, supporting system users in transforming the way they work and in implementing the right security measures. Moreover, the service will turbo charge our customers journey in the creation of a digital workspace, reducing operations management and the burden on system administrators.

Key VCC highlights:

“I am extremely pleased that we have expanded our collaboration with Fujitsu in the areas of services and the cloud. I believe that delivering both an environment suited for flexible ways of working and information security measures will be an ineluctable necessity for companies going forward. In addition to expanding the VCC going forward, Citrix is also utilizing products that may well dramatically change the ways future users work, including Skype for Business and Windows 10, contributing to improved productivity for customers. Together with Fujitsu, we will continue to offer services that can meet the detailed needs of customers” says Masakazu Aoba, President and Representative Director, Citrix Systems Japan KK

Moving forward, Fujitsu and Citrix will further expand their collaboration in the cloud, connecting Citrix Cloud with Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, Fujitsu’s public cloud, further expanding the range of services available as part of the VCC.