Citrix Service Provider Wincourse Technologies has embraced the evolution of ShareFile from an Enterprise File Sync and Share tool to a Content Collaboration Platform. A Citrix partner since 2010, Wincourse has built a thriving business driven by Citrix technologies.

As more of their customers look for cloud solutions to their business challenges, Wincourse has changed their sales strategy to adapt to the changing market. Instead of leading their sales process with hosted applications and desktops through XenApp and XenDesktop, Wincourse leads with ShareFile.

This shift in strategy required change management for Wincourse, but the result has been an influx of new customers. I recently spoke with Mike Vagnone, Managing Partner of Wincourse, to get his insight into the process. Here are some highlights from our conversation:

Leading with ShareFile has shortened the sales cycle

Whether it was to share a photo album through Dropbox or to plan a vacation with a spreadsheet in Google Docs, nearly everyone’s used a consumer file sharing or content collaboration tool. Because of this familiarity, Wincourse discovered it’s quicker to turn a prospect into a customer by leading with ShareFile instead of XenApp or XenDesktop.

Listen as Mike describes how he’s shortened Wincourse’s sales cycle:

Starting the conversation with business owner

Nobody knows the business and workflow challenges of an organization better than the owner or leader of a department. Wincourse has shifted the conversation from discussing technical capabilities to solving business challenges by starting the conversation directly with the business owner or department leader instead of IT.

Discover why Wincourse is starting the sales process with business owners:

From “for free” to “for fee”

Wincourse has been working diligently to contact SMBs in their market. As they talked to decision makers at these organizations, they made a realization: many of them had already purchased ShareFile directly from Citrix, but they weren’t utilizing all of the features and getting the most out from their investment.

Hear Mike talk about how that realization has helped Wincourse land new MSP customers:

Listen to the whole conversation here.

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