A few weeks ago, I previewed a webinar with Daniel Horn of Phases, a Citrix Solution Advisor in Denmark.

Phases is a unique Citrix Partner, focused on solving their customers’ workflow and business process challenges with ShareFile Platinum, our integrated ShareFile, Podio, and RightSignature solution. A “born-in-the-cloud” partner, Phases has seen success through a laser focus on cloud solutions and services.

Daniel shared some incredible knowledge about how to sell ShareFile Platinum and running a cloud business during the webinar. Here are a few of my favorite moments:


“(ShareFile) is a great entry point into our clients, because 100% of them are working with files.”

This is the most powerful, yet simple, way to understand the market that’s available with ShareFile. Every organization on the planet builds, stores, and shares documents. Nearly all of them have time-consuming or legacy processes that can be made more efficient with ShareFile Platinum. Focusing your sales process on why people are sharing documents creates a near limitless supply of opportunity for Citrix Partners.

“I don’t think we’ve ever talked with IT in the first pitch.”

While discussing their sales process, Daniel shared that Phases starts with various lines of businesses in organizations, including HR, Marketing, and Finance, instead of IT. Leaders in these departments are feeling the burden of increased demands with less resources, and are receptive to innovative technology solutions to solve their challenges.

“20% of our revenue comes from selling product, the rest comes from services.”

As Citrix Partners shift their business the cloud, many are still developing a services model that’s less reliant on on-premises implementations. Even though Phases is singularly focused on selling cloud solutions, they’ve been able to build a lucrative services business. Learn how Phases has built both one-time and recurring services revenue by building them for their target buyer, lines of business decision makers:

Listen to the webinar in its entirety.