Small businesses are ready for the cloud.

And we’re getting the cloud ready for them.

That starts with you.

Today, we’re launching a new cloud campaign aimed at SMBs — a collection of 17 pieces of digital content from blogs to listicles and eBooks, as well as emails, banners and social media content to promote them.

It’s got everything that you’ll need to show SMBs why you’re the right partner to guide them on a simple, smart and secure cloud journey — showing them how the cloud can help them work in new ways and move their markets.

Your moment 

We’ve designed this campaign with you in mind.

For starters, we’ve optimized our cloud solutions to be sold, delivered and supported easily by CSPs just like you.

And then there’s the campaign. In MarketingIQ, you’ll find all of the assets in addition to a Campaign Activation Guide to help you understand how this whole campaign has been structured.

We’re also giving you a Sales Enablement Guide so that you’ll know exactly what to do with each asset – the different segments, stories and strategies to employ to win new customers.

The research

The cloud campaign wasn’t built for CSPs and SMBs on ideas alone. It’s informed by a recent research project that we conducted.

We wanted to understand SMB prospects and their cloud journeys, from their biggest concerns to their expectations and goals. The results helped us establish new content marketing best practices, which underlie each asset in the campaign.

That’s why you can be confident that each of the materials will be relevant to, and align perfectly with each SMB prospect.

The opportunity

 SMBs are ready for the cloud. And it promises to transform the way they work, get security right and mobilize their workforces so that they can run circles around the bigger enterprises in their markets.

But if they’re going to seize this massive opportunity, they’re going to need a partner that can help guide their journey, educate them and give them a smart head start.

That’s where you come in.

Head to MarketingIQ now to unlock the campaign and start doing what you do best with new prospects. Follow the steps listed below to get started today and bookmark the digital postcard for quick reference moving forward.

Let’s go!