It’s a rare thing, having the opportunity to come within striking distance of a Red Bull Racing Formula One car. But as a Red Bull Racing innovation partner, Citrix will be offering just that at its IP Expo Europe stand throughout 4th and 5th October, along with a dual F1 simulator where individuals can have fun testing their F1 driving skills, and also have their photo taken as an F1 racing driver.

Red Bull Racing has relied on Citrix technologies for many years, enabling its team of engineers to collaborate in real time between track and factory. The Citrix technology is underpinned by a robust and high-performance track-to-factory network and the Citrix technology allows Red Bull Racing to be even more creative and flexible over the data they send, and how they utilise the network. While many businesses have vast amounts of data to process and manage, Red Bull Racing is arguably in a league of its own, creating new car parts for every race and undertaking some 30,000 engineering changes a year. Needless to say, some serious IT horsepower is required, which is nimble enough to transport and set up at speed, across multiple locations around the globe.

The Red Bull Racing Formula One car is fitted with over 100 sensors tracking all aspects of performance. During a typical race, engineers must be able to review live car telemetry data incorporating more than 200 metrics at any given time, and this is made possible with Citrix XenServer and XenDesktop. It is graphically intensive work incorporating huge databases, and a secure and dependable remote desktop experience is essential to provide the track-side team with the data visualisations and 3D models they need to make essential race decisions.

Viewing the Red Bull Racing car is an opportunity not to be missed, and in addition, it’s a great chance to visit the Citrix Partner Zone and discover ways in which you could be shaping the future of your workplace. Whether it’s granting your employees the freedom to collaborate and work where ever they want; understanding how your business could embrace the Internet of Things including AI and voice assistance, or getting to grips with multi cloud services… all could lead to much higher levels of productivity and improved employee wellbeing.

If you’re keen to learn more about how we are helping our customers, seminars being delivered by Citrix UK during IP EXPO Europe, across the two days, include:

Gaining Insight in to the Multi Cloud Enterprise with NetScaler MAS — delivered by Ralph Lorkins, Senior Systems Engineer, Citrix Systems UK Ltd — Wednesday, October 4 at 11am and Thursday, October 5 at 11am

Our experiences of driving customer success — delivered by Tom Hutchings, Lead Systems Engineer; Gerry Lavin, Lead Systems Engineer and Jon Murden, Senior Systems Engineer, Citrix Systems UK Ltd — Wednesday, October 4 at 11.40am and Thursday, October 5 at 11.40am

Introducing Citrix Workspace IoT — delivered by John Moody, Senior Systems Engineer, Citrix Systems UK Ltd — Wednesday, October 4 at 2.2pm

To register to attend the event in ExCel London, and to add these above sessions to your schedule, please visit the IP EXPO website.