NetScaler Management and Analytics from Citrix allows administrators to easily view, automate, and manage all their application infrastructure, as well as gain deep insights into application performance and security.

Now, this powerful set of functionality is also available as a service on Citrix Cloud. And you can try it absolutely free of charge!

Citrix takes care of the installation, setup, operation, and updating of the service: all you need to do it is sign-up, link it to your environment, and use it!

Are you moving application workloads to AWS or Microsoft Azure? Are you worried about managing all your infrastructure and maintaining visibility as you move to the cloud? Are you concerned about enforcing consistent policies and keeping everything secure?

  • Do you need to automate critical provisioning, configuration and management tasks across your hybrid cloud?
  • Do you want to harness data from your cloud and on-prem delivery environments and apply powerful analytics tools to drive end-to-end application performance management and troubleshooting?
  • Do you need to identify security threats to your applications and manage them?
  • Do you need to map applications to infrastructure and maintain this throughout the lifecycle so that applications can always be managed end-to-end wherever they are deployed?
  • Are you interested in gaining end-to-end visibility to your Virtual Desktop (VDI) traffic, especially XenApp and XenDesktop in order to accelerate troubleshooting?

The NetScaler Management and Analytics Service provides consistent visibility and manageability of applications in a hybrid cloud environment, whether the applications are cloud-native or are being migrated from an existing on-prem deployment.

In summary, the NetScaler Management and Analytics service provides the following, whether your infrastructure is on-prem or in the cloud:

  • Central Management for Operational Efficiency: NetScaler Management and Analytics automates administrative tasks such as provisioning, configuration management and certificate management to save time and eliminate human errors.
  • Analytics: NetScaler Management and Analytics harnesses the rich real-time data from the network, allowing you to proactively identify and fix issues as well as detect and address security threats.
  • App-Centric Lifecycle Management: NetScaler MAS provides an application-centric view across all your delivery infrastructure

In fact, there are so many ways that the NetScaler Management and Analytics service can help smooth your journey to the cloud that we plan to publish individual blog posts on key use-cases over the next few weeks!!

Watch a demo of NetScaler Management and Analytics in action:

Even better: you can check out NetScaler Management and Analytics for yourself. Register and use it for 30 days absolutely free. Click here to start.