I get the opportunity to talk to many of you throughout the year – at Summit, Platinum councils and at various partner events. I’m hearing that you’re looking to grow your cloud business. You’ve been telling me that you want more ways to increase revenue without a lot of infrastructure investment.

Last month, we launched Citrix Cloud for Citrix Service Providers (CSPs). This is a monumental move and a game-changer for CSPs as we grow together in our cloud journey. Partners often request new ways to build their business strategy with Citrix. Citrix Cloud is our answer to these requests, bringing our partners proven market advantage and differentiation.

Monetary gain aside, the top 3 benefits Citrix Cloud brings for CSPs are:

  1. Quicker time to market

Citrix Cloud removes key infrastructure hurdles, reducing time-to-market for hosted services. Because less infrastructure is required — and service providers have the option to deploy to any infrastructure with integrated and preconfigured services baked in — you can bring your solutions to market much quicker. This allows for hybrid architectures by leveraging on-premises environments alongside public clouds such as Azure and AWS. As a result, you can set up trial/demo environments within hours, instantly converting into production.

  1. Improved operational efficiency

With Citrix Cloud, environments are automatically updated with the latest Citrix technologies — without any extra leg work on your end. This means you can simplify services configuration, user and services management and services integration. Ultimately, you can more easily customize and verticalize your offerings to align with industry requirements, unlocking access to new and greater markets.

  1. Enhanced insights

Citrix Cloud provides you insights into end-user usage trends and patterns with License Usage Insights (LUI). This helps you up-sell and cross-sell new hosted services based on usage trends and collected and aggregated product usage information from Citrix license servers. You’ll also be able to view and analyze your historical CSP business trends with Citrix — plus you’ll gain more time to develop your services strategy for enhanced growth opportunities.

I invite all CSPs to take a look at the ways adopting Citrix Cloud can impact your service provider business and join us as we walk in the cloud.

Some helpful resources, wherever you are on your journey:

  • How to get started? Apply to be a CSP on com/csp
  • Where can I learn more? Check out this blog for more info on Citrix Cloud for CSP and this blog for more technical-specific info
  • Looking for marketing resources available for Citrix Cloud? Check here for more info on our new Cloud Journey marketing campaign, designed just for CSPs
  • Already a CSP and want to access content and resources? Check out the CSP page on SalesIQ

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