Enablement webinars continue to be your source for the latest Citrix CSP information. On the business track, learn product overview including selling, positioning and marketing information. Attend the technical track for technical overview and deployment best practices.

September webinars are filled with Subject Matter Expert (SME) presenters to help you accelerate your CSP business using 3 key areas:

  1. Adoption Services– We have a team completely dedicated to enabling CSPs reselling Cloud Services on how to successfully onboard their customers and increase end-user adoption of their Citrix solution. Did you know that customers that engage Adoption Services in their early life are 70% likely to renew? Make the renewals process less of a sales event by applying Customer Success methodology! Many Service Providers don’t even know about this service!
  1. ShareFile– ShareFile continues to be the entry-point for many CSPs to break into new accounts or differentiate themselves within existing customers. We’ll be joined by a CSP who’s had a lot of success selling the new, ShareFile with unlimited Citrix-managed cloud storage offering. Join the webinar to hear how it fits with their go-to-market strategy, how they’ve positioned this new offer, and the impact it’s made on their business.

Also- Get ready for our newest feature; automatic provisioning! This feature was designed to streamline your processes through automation and take the heavy lifting off your techs so they can focus on more strategic initiatives. (Attend the technical track webinar for this info).

  1. Marketing– Not only is ShareFile a great land strategy, it is also the first step in our recommended path within the Cloud Journey campaign that we presented last month. During this session we’ll cover the campaign assets specific to ShareFile and how you can leverage the program to build and accelerate pipeline. You won’t want to miss another sneak peek into this highly-anticipated launch!

Check out the details below and join us in September to stay in-the-know with all things CSP!

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WW Citrix Service Provider Channel Enablement | September 2017

Partner Business Track Webinar

An informative, one-hour webinar just for CSP partners’ business and sales resources. Agenda includes announcements from the Adoption Services team,  best practices from a partner who is growing with their business with ShareFile and marketing assets to activate your ShareFile strategy.

Product promoted: ShareFile| Audience: Partner Sales| Format: 1-hour webinar

Tuesday, September 19th 11:00AM-12:00PM (Eastern) AMS/EMEA
Wednesday, September 20th 11:00AM-12:00PM (AEDT)  APJ


Partner Technical Track Webinar

A technical-focused, one hour webinar just for CSP partners’ technical resources. Agenda includes technical product overview with best practices and Q&A with one of our SEs.

September’s topic includes technical overview and best practices for ShareFile Automated Provisioning feature.

Product promoted: Citrix Cloud | Audience: Partner Technical| Format: 1-hour webinar

Tuesday, September 26th 11:00AM-12:00PM (Eastern) AMS/EMEA
Wednesday, September 27th 11:00AM-12:00PM (AEDT) APJ


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