To succeed, IT can’t have one without the other.

Many finance IT organizations understand the benefits of operation and management efficiency, and many also understand the criticality of ensuring security and compliance. But what tends to be overlooked is how these two items together are integral to the success of the financial services business.

For example, virtualizing apps and data in the datacenter, or centralizing IT infrastructure, reduces operational and management resources. Software is installed once in the datacenter and made available to users regardless of endpoints or location. At the same time, the security patches and upgrades are applied once in the datacenter, and the centralized security access points make the users and endpoints secure. Efficiency and security cannot be separated.

Read the story of Oman’s largest bank, Bank Muscat, on how they leveraged Citrix technology to extend key banking applications securely to their users across the 149 branches. With one architecture, they achieve operational efficiency as well as meet stringent security and compliance requirements.

Read the story here.

The Citrix solution lets Bank Muscat build a reliable IT infrastructure that can be managed centrally, including ensuring its reliability and security. Even more, the infrastructure can accommodate other new technologies such as biometrics devices. The end result is a bank that addresses the needs of the customers as well as the employees. Just like you can’t have a business with only employees or only customers, bank IT shouldn’t settle for an infrastructure that only provides either efficiency or security.

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