Ok, so maybe my puns need some work, but instead of working on better puns, the Worldwide Partner team has been working on creating new enablement resources to help you sell NetScaler SD-WAN.

We’re about halfway into the year and for those of you who attended Citrix Summit 2017 in January (or saw the presentations afterwards), one of our key sales priorities this year is to Win with Networking. The team has recently created a wealth of SD-WAN marketing and enablement resources to help you achieve this goal – and of course we didn’t stop with SD-WAN. Don’t miss the many new enablement resources across the NetScaler product family.

Start with our Sales Learning Paths

New to networking? Have a new employee on your team and not sure where to start?

We’ve been (net)working on it and have identified a few key steps as a starting point. You can find these key steps in the NetScaler SD-WAN and ADC Sales Learning Paths. Each path provides an introduction to the technology, selling & positioning content, as well as competitive information. All the on-demand courses within the paths are offered free of charge to partners.

Partner Kits Make It Easy as A-D-C

Already somewhat familiar with NetScaler solutions?

Check out the partner kits – specific, consolidated resources to get you going and ready to sell to your customers. In addition to the selling & positioning content covered in the learning paths, you’ll find quick links to customer and technical decision maker presentations for you to customize and use. Demos and case studies further prepare you to present these solutions to your customers.

Currently, four kits are available:

Gain New Leads and Grow Your Pipeline

The easy-to-use and very persuasive Software-Defined WAN with NetScaler SD-WAN campaign is now available in Citrix Marketing IQ. This content-rich campaign allows you to address customers’ ever-increasing demands in this market.

The ready-to-go content has been built and mapped for you to span across the buyer’s journey from awareness to consideration to close, including:

  • 50+ social posts
  • 4 blogs for use and adaptation in your own company blog
  • 6 fully built, customizable email marketing template complete w/ landing and thank you pages
  • Customizable masterclass style “event-in-a-box”
  • Variety of engaging marketing assets including videos, infographics, eBooks, whitepapers

You’ll need access to MarketingIQ to get started. Don’t have an account? No problem! Easily request one today.

We’ll continue to team with our counterparts in the geos to make sure we’re doing whatever it takes to help you Win with Networking. Your Partner Account Manager (PAM) or local contact will have more info about upcoming webinars and workshops in your (not-so-wide) area (network) so be sure to connect with them.

Have questions about any of these enablement resources? Feel free to drop us a line: PartnerNetworkingEnablement@citrix.com

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