We are thrilled to announce that Citrix Cloud will be made available to our Citrix Service Provider (CSP) community! CSPs will soon be able to take advantage of the numerous benefits that Citrix Cloud has to offer. We anticipate that Citrix Cloud will be made Generally Available (GA) to CSPs in the next few weeks. Please stay tuned for further announcements on this topic.

Brief Introduction to Citrix Cloud

The Citrix Cloud platform can be thought of as a management plane spanning across multiple Citrix owned services. The core cloud services are operated and maintained by Citrix, and contain all management functions that CSPs would otherwise have to install and provision themselves.

By seamlessly managing the infrastructure related operational tasks such as software version updates, maintenance and support, services integration, etc. on behalf of the CSPs, Citrix Cloud enables CSPs to better focus on their core business rather than on maintaining Citrix infrastructure.

Citrix Cloud: Simplest way to Deliver Citrix Services
Citrix Cloud: Simplest way to Deliver Citrix Services

Citrix Cloud High Level Features

Some of the features of Citrix Cloud that will prove to be extremely beneficial to the CSP communities are as follows:

Citrix operates the cloud  

  • The Citrix Cloud management plane is provided by Citrix, and is as an always-on SaaS-style cloud service.
  • Citrix is responsible for all infrastructure related tasks such as capacity scaling, monitoring, and server refresh, and the services are always maintained and kept up-to-date by Citrix.

Platform is all-inclusive

  • Citrix provides all of the supporting infrastructure components such as database and brokering infrastructure, as well as the cloud connector software agent.

Less infrastructure investments

  • Citrix operates the management components of each service allowing CSPs to invest in significantly less infrastructure.

Less infrastructure investmemts

Transparent upgrades

  • Upgrades to the Citrix Cloud management plane, as well as upgrades to individual services, are all automatic to the CSPs (i.e. managed by Citrix), allowing CSPs to take advantage of the latest Citrix technology as soon as it’s available, and thereby avoiding the operational overhead of manual upgrades.

Maintenance and support included

  • Software maintenance is included with Citrix Cloud; in addition, enterprise-grade 24x7x365 support is also included with each subscription package.

Inherent multi-site management

  • For deployments with 2 or more geographic locations, Citrix Cloud eliminates the need for management infrastructure in each location, saving on hardware and labor.
Manage Multiple XenApp/XenDesktop Resource Locations with Citrix Cloud
Manage Multiple XenApp/XenDesktop Resource Locations with Citrix Cloud

Citrix Cloud Value Proposition for CSPs

Due to the inherent capabilities that Citrix Cloud has to offer, we are confident that it will add significant value to both existing CSPs that are planning on expanding their businesses or to new partners that want to venture into the CSP business and are looking for means to rapidly deliver their offerings to their end users in the shortest time possible.

The value proposition that Citrix Cloud has to offer to CSPs are as follows:

Enable quicker time to market

  • Remove key infrastructure hurdles reducing time to market for hosted services
  • Allow for hybrid architectures by leveraging on-premises environments alongside public clouds such as Azure and AWS
  • Set up trial/demo environment within hours; instantly convert into production

Improve operational efficiency

  • Environments are automatically updated with latest Citrix technologies without CSP intervention
  • Simplify services configuration, user and services management and services integration
  • Enable verticalization of offerings to align with industry requirements

Enhanced insights

  • Obtain insights into end user usage trends and patterns with License Usage Insights (LUI)
  • Up-sell and cross-sell new hosted services based on usage trends
  • View and understand CSPs’ historic business with Citrix
  • Collect and aggregate product usage information from Citrix license servers

Learn about Citrix Cloud for Citrix Service Providers in August Webinar

We highly encourage all CSPs to register for our upcoming CSP webinar to get to know more about Citrix Cloud and its features and benefits.

Webinar Dates:

  • Tuesday, August 8th 2017 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET
  • Wednesday, August 9th 2017 at 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. AEST

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