Now you can learn anywhere, anytime with the new Hands-on Citrix Education eLearning Platform!

It’s no secret the most effective way to learn is through hands-on experiential learning. Learning by doing is proven to be 15x more effective than listening to a lecture and 7.5x more effective than reading. And now, hands-on training is available at your fingertips with the newly launched Citrix eLearning Platform, providing a fast way to gain all the right skills to ensure your Citrix environment runs smoothly.

Our eLearning website offers a wealth of introductory and intermediate content, including dozens of networking and virtualization modules, expert demos and interactive videos. Bite-sized modules featuring our technical experts keep you engaged and on your toes with effective short bursts of learning via a self-driven, on-demand experience.

Hands-on Labs will accelerate your learning, allowing you to practice what you’ve learned in a production-like environment so you can get a real-time feel for troubleshooting.

With an Annual All-Access Pass you’ll get Hands-on Labs, unlimited access to content, and new and updated modules as they’re added! Check it out now!

To learn more, or to get expert help building your learning plan, get in touch with our Customer Success team.

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