As companies grow, so does their need for simple, effective user management. Today, many SaaS products have hundreds, if not thousands, of customizable options at the account or user level. While at the 30,000-foot view this demonstrates the ability to create the perfect customizable solution for your company, at ground level the management of such a solution becomes a challenge. ShareFile’s new Policy-based Administration feature addresses the complexity of managing user permissions and settings at scale.

Policy-based Administration divides ShareFile into specific categories in which admins can create policies and assign to users. Policies are assigned based on the user’s Active Directory group membership via the ShareFile User Management Tool or API. Since Policy-based Administration is based on Active Directory group membership, if a user changes roles within the company, their permissions and settings automatically reflect that new role within ShareFile.

In this initial release, Policy Based Administration includes three policy categories:

  1. User Access — encompasses actions that may be taken by a user within the ShareFile account.
  2. File and Folder Management — includes Storage Quotas, File Retention, and Folder Expiration settings.
  3. Storage Location — the user’s default StorageZone
ShareFile Policy Based Administration
The Policy Management page is located under Admin Settings

To learn more about Policy-based Administration, including how to create policies and assign them to users, please refer to Knowledge Base article CTX217124.

ShareFile Policy-based Administration is available today for all Enterprise and Platinum accounts. To enable this feature, please fill out the form in the knowledge base article, contact your ShareFile account representative or our support staff.