The Citrix cloud strategy is to meet customers wherever they are in their journey to cloud. Whether it’s a true cloud service with all resources running in the cloud managed by Citrix or a hybrid model where the control plane is in the cloud, but workloads are on-premise managed by customers, Citrix Cloud has an answer for that.

This holds true even for Citrix Partners. The most important thing for our Citrix Partners is the ability to manage their business and get complete insights on their customers from a central location. We have heard on several occasions from our partners, about the importance of simplified management experience and streamlined service delivery workflow.

Our latest addition to the Citrix Cloud platform—“Partner Dashboard”—addresses these key areas.

The Partner Dashboard is a central location available for our partners to manage and run their business on Cloud. The Partner Dashboard provides

  • Complete insight on cloud service states in terms of trial and/or production
  • A simplified user interface to switch between customers to be able to  setup/manage/deliver services to end users

Below are some of the key features around partner centric control plane in Citrix Cloud.

Connecting with your customers

Partners can now connect with their customers on Citrix Cloud. This will enable Partners to view their customers on their dashboard along with other details like trials and production services, support tickets, and direct access to customer’s account to manage and deliver services.


This connection is based on the invitation link initiated by the Partner. Each partner has a unique invitation link that he can share with all his customers. Once the customer logs into Citrix Cloud with that link and accepts the connection, the customer will show up on Partners Dashboard.


Simplified management experience across customers

 Partners now have complete visibility in their customers’ activities. They can view details around trials and production services. Partners can also switch into their customer account to set up trial and production services on behalf of their customers, thereby  providing a streamlined end-to-end experience for their users.


For Partners, having visibility in their customers’ support tickets is crucial in ensuring a disruption free experience in the cloud. Now, partners have access to view their customers’ tickets and quickly address any issues related to their cloud services.

This is just the beginning…

We have just scraped the surface with these features. The goal of Citrix Cloud is to provide a management and delivery solution platform for all of our Partners. Partners should be able to run and scale their business in the cloud with complete visibly in operations, performance, and uptime of these services.

Please use the comments section below to provide feedback. We would like to hear from our Partners and see how Citrix Cloud fits in their journey to cloud.

Try the Partner Dashboard in Citrix Cloud today.