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How Do I for Windows Application Delivery

Citrix’ XenApp and XenDesktop virtualization provides a complete, flexible solution that delivers Windows applications and desktops to any user on any device.

This “How Do I” page brings to you relevant articles that can be referred to for information on the most widely used features of Windows Application Delivery.

XenApp on Azure: How Do I?

Check out the Microsoft Azure “How-to Guides” for a list of simple, relevant, easy-to-implement articles on commonly and widely used features of Microsoft Azure.

Citrix Cloud: How Do I?

The most widely used features of Citrix Cloud are consolidated in the Citrix Cloud: How Do I page…Make the most of these easily available list.

New and Improved Articles

The following article are new and/or improved!

Topic Article
XD: 7.13 Unable to Launch Published Application Through Published Desktop CTX224890
Advisory: Receiver for iOS 7.2.2 Security Changes CTX223949
Troubleshooting Virtual Desktop Agent Registration with Controllers in XenDesktop CTX126992
Receiver for Windows- SSL Error When Connecting via NetScaler CTX221453
Director Version Matrix CTX224793

Converted Blog Posts

Some of the most recent Citrix blog posts are now available as Knowledge Base Articles!

XA/XD 7.13: Renaming Storage, Network or Datacenters When Used With MCS or PVS  CTX225019
Citrix Director Provides Disk Usage Information  CTX224699
Automatic Recovery of XenApp and XenDesktop Services CTX215458

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