It’s hard to allocate scarce time and money to training, even when you know that up-to-date skills and knowledge are essential to the success of your organization, your team and your career.

Citrix Education understands this challenge. That’s why we created a super-efficient solution. CMB-310: XenApp, XenDesktop, and Provisioning Services 7.1x Administration (Fast Track) is an accelerated course with big advantages:

  • Savings: CMB-310 not only costs less than enrolling in the two equivalent courses, it includes two certification exam vouchers (CCA-V and CCP-V) and the manuals for CXD-210 and CXD-304.
  • Skills development: The curriculum focuses on skills that will get you ready to take the CCA-V exam, and give you a head start on the CCP-V test.

Intensive training pays off

The five days you devote to the CMB-310 course can deliver impressive learning results. According to Harvard Business Review, a case study of a training session “found that employees who were temporarily relieved of their duties learned over twice as fast as those who were not, more than making up for the lost productivity from training.”

The pace of CMB-310 classes is a bit faster, and the days are a bit longer, but you’ll master the major aspects of installing, configuring and managing a highly available XenApp and XenDesktop 7.1x environment in less time.

  • Install and configure StoreFront and Citrix Receiver
  • Set up profile management
  • Configure policies, printing and basic security features
  • Monitor and troubleshoot the environment with Citrix Director

 Choose the right image management solution

An important aspect of the CMB-310 course is comprehensive instruction in both Provisioning Services and Machine Creation Services. Provisioning Services uses software streaming technology to deliver virtual desktops, while Machine Creation Services uses a snapshot and clone approach.

You may be wondering which technology is the right choice for your environment. By taking this course, you’ll acquire an understanding of both technologies and their capabilities so you can make an informed decision.

Take some time for training

Whether you prefer fast track, combined courses like CMB-310 or traditionally paced individual courses, Citrix Education offers you options that make it easier to schedule the training you need in the time you have available.

Check out all our education options here. Then, ask to speak with a Citrix Education representative to register for your class.

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