Most people don’t realize it, but more than 99% of all businesses in the US are small- to medium-sized. It’s easy to underestimate this segment. Conventional business wisdom says that big businesses eat small businesses for lunch.

Well, cloud is proving conventional business wisdom wrong.

Armed with the right tech, there’s nothing these growing businesses can’t do. No enterprise is too big to beat. No team is too big to manage. And no opportunity is too big to seize. It’s why we’re so excited to launch our latest campaign. We believe the cloud is a massive opportunity for SMBs. And there’s never been a better time to help them seize it. This is a massive, valuable, often-overlooked segment. And they’re ready for the journey to the cloud.

That’s where you come in.

Selling solutions to SMBs is different. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and made our solutions more SMB-friendly, making them easier to buy, deploy, manage and scale. But that isn’t enough.

For an SMB to get their journey to the cloud right, they need the right partner. One that can help them plan their journey, navigate potential risks and hit the ground running. They need a partner like you. That’s why, in addition to making our solutions more SMB-friendly, we’ve also optimized them to be sold, delivered and supported by CSPs like you. This way, not only is it easier for these SMBs to use the cloud, it’s a lot easier and a lot less risky to get there too.

How we’re helping you seize this opportunity

Less than a year ago, we commissioned a research project to better understand how SMBs think about the cloud — how they’re using it now, how (and if) they’re planning their journeys and how mature their approaches are.

Based on all of this research, we’ve planned, written, designed, and developed an entire campaign… just for you.

It’s an end-to-end digital campaign comprising 17 different pieces of content, emails, banner ads and social media posts. With it, you’ll be able to attract better prospects, determine when prospects are ready to buy and engage them in more meaningful ways.


We’ve even created a sales enablement guide and a campaign activation guide to walk your sales teams through best practice tips and show you how to use all of the content.

We’re incredibly excited about this campaign. The cloud represents a massive opportunity for SMBs. SMBs represent a massive opportunity for you. And your partnership represents a massive opportunity for all of us. This opportunity has win-win-win written all over it.

Keep an eye on your emails and CSP social channels to learn more about the launch of the campaign.

Stay tuned.

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