Did you know you can now get re-certified without taking an exam?

The NEW Citrix Recertification Program offers you more flexibility than ever to maintain your certification and receive a skills refresher with our latest training. You can:

  1. Attend the associated instructor-led training. By taking the associated course, you will NOT be required to take or pass the exam. OR
  2. Take and pass the required exam.

The recently launched Recertification Program is expanding to include all expired certifications, meaning any expired certification holders may get recertified by attending the appropriate Instructor-led training course, and will not be required to take and pass the exam. Act now – expired certification holders need to sit the associated Instructor-led training course by December 31, 2017.

The Recertification Program will continue into 2018, but at that point, certification holders must sit the associated Instructor-led training course before their certification expires in order to get recertified. This program applies to all of our certification tracks:

Contact us today to take advantage of this program and continue to be #CitrixCertified!

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