Citrix Synergy 2017 witnessed a plethora of new technologies as well as innovations. Citrix partners had a huge role to play in taking a step forward in Citrix’s vision of the future of work.

Here, I am consolidating the top 5 tech demos by Citrix Ready partners. Take a look at how these technologies are solving a few of the critical challenges in the industry.

1. Kaspersky Labs

Watch Mathew Balcer demo the Kaspersky Endpoint Security that is purpose-built for virtual environments. In addition to the anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware components, there are several advanced security mechanisms, such as Network Attack Blocker, System Watcher, and Anti-Exploit, as well as mechanisms for behavior analysis and machine learning. The video also showcases how the light agent policy can help do the heavy lifting of scanning and updating, hence maintaining one update database for the entire host. This helps in reducing the footprint of the security solution, allowing for a great performance!


Jared Cowart from NVIDIA showcases a couple of very interesting features — Director and XenMotion support for vGPUs. Admins often have to migrate VMs for server maintenance or at times they need to consolidate users to VMs or to vGPUs. And, it is always challenging and time consuming to carry out these tasks. With these new features, NVIDIA GRID helps solve this problem. As you’ll see in the demo, with a few clicks, you can now carry out the complete migration without having to shut down the machines!

3. Pure Storage

Kyle Grossmiller from Pure Storage narrates the new innovations as well as several new ways of integration between Citrix and Pure Storage. In addition, get a quick view of Flasharray//M and what it means to deploy Pure infrastructure in your IT environment. Also, understand the nitty-gritty of the unique concept of Evergreen Storage where customers can subscribe to Pure Storage innovations. Consequently, get a sneak peek into the validation of Citrix ShareFile on Pure Storage FlashStack Converged Infrastructure and how this brings a lot of flexibility for customers.

4. CensorNet

Nikolaj Holm Vang from CensorNet describes the adaptive user authentication features that make your systems secure while providing great flexibility to users. While the real-time and randomly generated pass codes are secure, there are several ways to access these codes via text message, email, voice call, or an app push notification. In addition, CensorNet helps analyze contextual information e.g., IP location of the user to render the security a notch up.

5. SentryBay

Steve Atkinson from SentryBay demos the Armored Client security features that not only include the basic protection against malware attacks but advanced security features for virtual environments. A locked-down secure browser helps you logon to Citrix NetScaler Gateway. And, with added multi-factor authentication, both the browser and the Citrix system remain fully protected. A few of the additional features include anti-screen capture, anti-screen scraping, and anti-key logging.

And here’s a bonus 6th demo!

6. Veridium

John Spencer from Veridium showcases several ways of biometric authentication for Citrix environments. Where Veridium goes an extra mile is by thinking of new ways to capture biometric data. In addition to using the touch id capability on smartphones, Veridium has come up with a method to capture fingerprint data via a smartphone camera. With their unique algorithm, you can customize the way to authenticate yourself using QR code, touch id, or fingerprint capture via camera.